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Fearless by Jack Campbell
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Jul 17, 2010

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FEARLESS, the second book in the LOST FLEET military sci-fi series, continues with Captain “Black Jack” Geary leading his Alliance fleet through enemy Syndicate star systems, on their way back to Alliance territory. This series is written by Jack Campbell, a retired Naval officer.
Geary is a very fleshed-out character. He has battles in his own mind over the rightness of actions, conflicts over letting himself become close to anyone after being in a space pod for over 100 years, and trying to deal with the legacy that surrounds him that says he was a military hero who fought to the death. After a heroic battle in which everyone believed Geary dead, he was found in a space pod by an Alliance fleet about a hundred years later and took charge because of his senior rank. He doesn’t really want the responsibility, but he will not refuse to lead them either, as he believes it is his duty to the Alliance.
In this volume, Geary encounters a headstrong adversary after freeing him from a Syndic labor camp and has an unexpected romantic involvement with someone on shipboard.
This is a readable book even for people who aren’t familiar with military maneuvers. In no way a brain-buster, FEARLESS is a little romp through the galaxies that will keep you distracted for a few hours. With no graphic sex or profusion of expletives, I really enjoyed the ride and would recommend the series so far.

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