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The Princess in His Bed by Lila DiPasqua
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Jul 15, 2010

really liked it
Read from October 26 to 28, 2010

Lila DiPasqua really impressed me with Awakened by a Kiss, her debut collection of Fiery Tales. I’m not really into reading anthologies, but with Lila, I was more than willing to do so again. The Princess in His Bed was wonderful reading. Again this is three stories in one set during Louis XIV’s court. Can we say scandalous and titillating? These two words are perfect when describing a Lila DiPasqua story.

The first story, The Marquis’ New Clothes is about Amiee de Miran, who comes to the aid of her spoiled and spirited cousin Louise. Renault de Sard, the King’s Lieutenant and General of Police has thrown over Louise for another woman. Louise is so enraged that she steals his special ring given to him by the King as payment due to her and by accident drops it into Adam de Vey, Marquis de Nattes’s justacorps (a knee-length coat). Louise implores Amiee to help her before Renault finds out and throws her in prison. Amiee has an uncomfortable past with Adam since he was friends with her unfaithful dead husband. She can’t stand Adam, but since she cares for Louise, she will try and get the ring back.

Adam has adored Amiee for a very long time and is thrilled she’s at court. And when she’s overly friendly to him very suddenly and compliments his clothes, he’s not sure what to think. But then when he finds her in his rooms going through his closet, his every dream comes to life because Amiee admits she wants him. Soon these former adversaries have become lovers. Adam does find it strange that Amiee can stop looking through his coats, but he doesn’t mind, as long as he can claim her as his own.

The Marquis’ New Clothes has a silly set up, but the moment Amiee feels up Adam to find the missing ring, that’s where the hot fun begins. The way Adam conquers Amiee in his bed, as well as a nice hot and steamy scene on a table leads to some great loving between the two. I really enjoyed how a big mistake on Louise’s part was able to get Aimee and Adam together since these two had been at odds with one another for a long time. This was rich and steamy, and at times humorous. Aimee and Adam are just too cute together.

The Lovely Duckling was my favorite out of the three about Emile de Sarron, a spinster on the shelf, destined to remain alone because of burns on her body she suffered as a baby. She hides her body by wearing long cloaks ever since she was made fun of during her coming out when she was eighteen. She wants to experience passion and lust and attends her Aunt’s masquerade party where all forms of vice is accepted. She will engage in various sex acts she has read about, and take those memories back home with her.

Joseph d’Alumbert has come to the Countesse de Saint-Arnaud’s orgytastic party along with his twin brother Vincent and younger brother Gilbert. Joseph was one of the many men who ridiculed Emile, but then his guilt over his actions made him write to her, pretending to be Vincent since she despises Joseph. And when he finds out that Emile is attending the party to lose her virginity and experience pleasure, his jealous rises where he will be the only one to bring her to those heights of passion she so desperately wants. But he must pretend to be Vincent while he is with Emile. His deceit eats away at him, but soon he has Emile and wants nothing more than to have forever in her arms. He just has to figure out a way to tell her the truth and prove to her that her scars she keeps hidden at all times, don’t matter to him and that she is the most beautiful woman he has ever known.

The Lovely Duckling is almost near perfect in its telling. Emile isn’t as innocent as she may seem, only sheltered, and because of that Joseph wants to protect her. He acts like a rake and admits his prowess in the bedroom, but when it comes to Emile, he only cares about her needs over his own. These two tear up the sheets… walls… garden, you name it! I also enjoyed Joseph’s secret possessiveness toward Emile and how she loves being with him, even though they continue to hide something from each other until the very end when their masks are taken off and all their scars are shown. This is one saucy, nicely written erotic tale, where the word “teat” is even used in a sexy, non-purple prose way. For that alone I have to applaud Lila.

The Princess and the Diamonds didn’t grab me as much as I had hope, but I really liked the hero Mathias, the Marquis de Montfort, who is spying on behalf of the King to stop the illegal gambling of Basset (a card game). As he enters this outlawed game, he notices a young gentleman, who plays with diamonds and is very skilled at the tables. But Mathias soon figures out this young boy is actually a female, and he won’t stop until he gets to the bottom of her secrets and is stationed in her bed.

Princess Gabrielle is one of the King’s many bastard children. Her brother Daniel has gambled his entire fortune away playing Bassett. Gabrielle decides to save her brother and takes a pouch of diamonds from the palace to gamble with. She’ll go underground and play at the Bassett tables and try and win enough to cover Daniel’s losses. But when one of the gamblers figures out she’s in disguise and pleads with her stay away, she refuses. Something about Mathias makes her walk an even more dangerous line, and soon they become lovers who can barely trust one another.

The Princess and the Diamonds is another passionate tale, but somewhat weak reading on my part because of Gabrielle. I just couldn’t connect with her, but Mathias makes up for it. Lila really has written a well-rounded character with Mathias, who grief over a loss of someone special to him that he felt he was responsible for. He’s more of a beta than an alpha, even when he’s forceful with Gabrielle. The ending also has a nice twist and very different from the first two stories.

Lila DiPasqua has done another great job with The Princess in His Bed. What I love most about Lila’s writing is that it’s fresh, unique and she doesn’t rely on purple prose much like her erotic romance counterparts tend to do. Lila is one of my favorite author finds from this year, and I’m anxious for more from her. She’s one historical romance author who’s making waves in this genre and one I recommend you read. Perhaps I can go as far as saying I’m a big fan girl? She keeps blowing my mind away with her short stories.

Lila DiPasqua writes not only good sex, but excellent romances with wonderful characters in a flavorful, lavish setting.
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