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The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan
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Jul 15, 2010

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Thoughts Before Reading
Heard it's about Egyptian Mythologies. I want this book so baaaaaaaad I'm having butterflies in my stomach!

Thoughts After Reading
I can't really say that this book is amazing in the same level that The Percy Jackson Series is Ah-Ma-Ziiing. It's just that I don't know the first half was really boring.

at first I was like (Darren Criss) Pictures, Images and Photos

What I hate about the first half:
1. No Percy Jackson :(
Yeah I know this is a different series, but I don't know Percy Jackson is such a great character and the characters Sadie and Carter are annoying and I don't know they are not really interesting and lovable as Percy Jackson.

2. The story is a blur
I don't know it takes a whole half of the book and the story doesn't make any sense until the second half of the book where a lot is explained and started to make sense. Maybe you could just blame it on me because I don't know anything about Egyptian Mythology with the five Gods - Set, Osiris, Isis, Nepthys (did I spell this one right?) and Horus - I only heard about Isis and I don't know about other Gods compared to Greek Mythology (Percy Jackson) and Roman Mythology (The Lost Hero) that I at least knew the name of their gods.

3. It felt like I was reading an encyclopedia more than reading a Riordan Novel
I felt like a lot of things were explained in a "wikipedia" way and there are a lot of information about Egypt and as I've said I am not familiar with it. And it was really boring when these Egyptian shenanigans are explained.

What I like about the second half:
1. Harry Potter-ish kinda
You know what, a lot of the magic here reminds me of Harry Potter like the transformation of Sadie into a kite (bird) and the transformation of Carter into falcon (bird) is like the Animagus in Harry Potter. They also use magic and wands uhhhm spells, incantations, etc. which I think is really interesting even though it was a little bit Harry Potter-ish.

2. Egyptian Mythology
Actually the mythology or what happened among these five Egyptian Gods were explained in the second half. And the mythology is really interesting, they're a lot of treachery and insane family drama. I loved it how Rick Riordan use that mythology inside the story and make it more relevant and interesting and he just makes the story more fresh and it was really nice to be informed at the same time having fun while learning about these things.

3. Anubis
Actually my favorite chapter is The God of Toilet Papers (did I remember the title right?). Anubis was really hot and if you're thinking giving up reading this book like that what I felt at first reading this...I really recommend that you won't give up reading until you read that chapter, but that was really way second half of the book. Just be patient. And did I already tell you he's hot?

All in all I still recommend this book especially if you're a Rick Riordan fan. It just a little boring at first and you just have to be patient. There are still a lot of new characters you will like - Amos, Bast, Iskandar, Anubis, Set, Isis, Osiris, Horus, Nepthys (sorry if I misspelled it) and a lot more. And it is more like family and love like "brotherly love" because the main characters were brothers and sisters. It was a little bit different with Percy Jackson series because they have demigods and this series the equivalent of demigods are godlings and they are not sons or daughters of Gods, but they are more like sons and daughters of Pharaohs (I really suck at spelling, sorry if I misspelled) and these godlings will be used as hosts by the Egyptian Gods and it is more like possession than being sons and daughters of a God.

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Rollie haven't read this book yet?

Joyzi Nope T_T

Helen I'm reading it right now. :]

message 4: by Ash (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ash I'm currently reading it too :P

Aditya Hadi I was translated it into Indonesian, hope the translated edition will be published here soon :D

message 6: by Swiftsea (new) - added it

Swiftsea I rather look forward to reading this novel; maybe it's because I'm a person entirely fascinated with Egyptian mythology but I tend to go around reading about gods from other civilizations. Mind me, I do it even though I'm Christian but there's nothing that says I can't. HAHA. Anubis=god of toilet papers? I look forward to death. Mummification is taking on an attractive role.
:P OK. I'll definitely read this series now because of Anubis! xD

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