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Witness Protection by Barb Han
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it was amazing
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Sadie Brooks is in witness protection after testifying against a scary criminal. Now she runs a bakery and owns a big red dog and is always looking over her shoulder.

One early morning she comes to the bakery only to find that the bad guys have located her. Luckily a rescuer steps out of the shadows - a mild-mannered man she believed to be a radiologist, but who in reality is a government agent who is keeping watch over her.

They go on the run together.

I really enjoyed this novel. There is actual sexual tension in it, which is surprising rare in the Harlequin Intrigue line. Usually I'm struggling to believe that the protagonists are actually even attracted to each other, much less in love.

I find it very difficult to believe that a U.S. Marshal would be allowing a protected witness to be tagging along with him on investigative stuff, but oh well. The nature of romance, I suppose. That issue aside, nothing else about the police work bugged me - which is a miracle considering how shoddy the police work usually is in these Harlequin Intrigue novels.

Nick seems like a good guy, and I approved of how he handled himself sexually. Props to Han on that one. Nick is aware of what makes Sadie uncomfortable and he is very smart figuring it out and making compensations for it. Also, even though it SEEMED like they were going to have sex for the first time in Nick's pickup truck, he makes the executive decision not to do that, which gets my approval.

In short, a fun, satisfying read.


Harlequin Intrigue December 2014
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0.0% "When he'd put his hands on her calves, he'd felt her relax. He'd even felt a spark of something else. But he'd been on the floor in a less threatening position. When he sat beside her or stood next to her, he seemed to overwhelm her.\n - So he lies down on the bed. Good man, smart. Highly approve."
November 27, 2014 –
page 116
51.79% ""Everything okay?" Nick asked, studying her expression.\n "Yeah. Fine."\n - You're not going to tell him about the blood!?!?!!? That's just dumb. Tell him about the blood!"
November 27, 2014 –
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53.13% "They keep talking about 5'4" women being "omg so incredibly short" in this book. But it's not. Heck, I'm shorter than that. So are most women in my family."
November 27, 2014 –
page 128
57.14% "He laid her back against the seat, his heft covering her.\n - Are you going to have sex with her for the first time IN YOUR TRUCK!?!?!? Jeez Louise. There's like five beds in the house. No need to have uncomfortable truck sex. o.O"
November 27, 2014 –
page 130
58.04% "If she wasn't going to stop this, he should. He wanted to make love to her. Just not on the bench seat of a pickup truck.\n - THANK YOU. Sheesh."
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message 1: by Cathy (new)

Cathy DuPont Carmen: So, instead of the seat of a pickup truck they went to a hotel (or rather a motel which would be cheaper.) Oh, nevermind, I see they waited long enough to go to the house with five bedrooms. So they went to the five bedrooms, five times in succession. Great going!

And me, too, shorter than 5'4"...I don't think of myself as being 'incredibly short either.'

Carmen LOL Yes, luckily they waited until they had access to a real bed. A pickup truck interior in winter (or even summer) just does not have the same appeal.

Yes, sometimes authors have weird views of the world (like "a 5'4" woman is incredibly short") that makes me wonder what kind of sheltered life they are leading, LOL.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Cathy!

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