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Field of Dishonor by David Weber
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Jul 13, 2010

really liked it

Enter, the fourth book in the Honor Harringon series by David Weber. In this book, Honor continues her command of HMS Nike, THE premier battlecruiser command in the Royal Manticoran Navy. In this story, she is overseeing the repairs to her ship from the battles in The Short Victorious War so she is stationed in the Manticoran system.

Her relationship with Paul continues to grow, but is suddenly yanked out from under her by tragic events. Due to this, we start to see what a stone cold killer Honor can be. We have seen this in previous books, but it has been tempered by her sense of duty and honor to her Queen. After Paul is killed she chooses to ignore those limitations and becomes a very formidable opponent.

Those looking for action may not enjoy this book, it is very political. Most of the story is based around Pavel Young’s machinations against her and how her actions impact the Manticoran government’s ability to pursue its war against the Peoples’ Republic of Haven. This book goes to great lengths to show the disparity of a person’s sense of personal justice and the actual justice system itself.

Overall, this is probably my least favorite book in the entire series. It has too much political maneuvering and ideas of right and wrong get a little murky. Unfortunately, for those new to the series, you really have to read it before moving onto the amazing books further in the series. Too many new characters and important events happen in Field of Dishonor for it to be ignored. Due to it not being as action packed as the rest but still being masterfully crafted It’s Geektime gives this book a solid 8 on the d10 of judgment.

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