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Moonshine by Alaya Dawn Johnson
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Jul 12, 2010

really liked it

Moonshine was an uneven experience for me. I loved, loved, the prohibition-era feeling of it (the heroine rides around on a bicycle in the snow and is called the "vampire suffgatte").

I loved the non-European character of Amir, as well as the emphasis on immigrants rights/vampire rights of all those new vampires living in tenements.

Quite an interesting twist on the whole vampire culture.

Zephyr is an ex-Defender (killer of vampires and Others (there seems to be fairies and djinni too) who has reformed and now lives in the big city teaching night classes and demonstrating for rights for the Others.

Right as she finds and rescues a young boy forcibly turned vampire, one of her students asks for her help in finding the crime boss ultimately responsible for vampire gang violence in the city.

The story was fine, the plot drew you in, and the side characters from the Italian immigrant Giuseppe who plucks Zephyr's heartstrings to the society reporter who plays Pygmalion to Zephyr to her hick Montana Defender Father were engaging and fun to read.

Where the story was uneven was somewhat on the dialogue level/action level where all of a sudden important action was glossed over, and in the details of the ultimate plot revelation where several people are revealed to be important people or to have does questionably wrong things and I wanted that to be more tightly woven into the plot so that I could go back and say "ah ha, I see that here".

Still, quite an engaging book and definitely not the same old same old urban fantasy. I'll defininitely be paying attention to the next book in the series.

This Book's Food Designation Rating: Grilled cheese sandwhich with sauteed peppers for the comfortable, old-timey feeling of the world created in this novel with the spiciness of Amir and the vampire culture to give it pep.
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