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Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins
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really liked it
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Recommended for: fans of Meg Cabot

If you are looking for a feel-good chick-lit to read by your Christmas tree, Anna and the French Kiss is a book for you. This novel is as chick-y a lit as it gets.

Anna is sent to Paris to spend her senior year at a boarding school. Of course she doesn't want to go - her life, her best friend, her potential boyfriend, her little brother and mom are in Atlanta. But Anna doesn't sulk for long, she quickly meets new friends and this one totally hot and totally unavailable boy Etienne St. Clair. Oh my, what will happen next?;o)

Anna and the French Kiss doesn't break any new ground, doesn't provide insight into anything of importance, it doesn't strive to be realistic or profound, it doesn't even attempt to portray France in any non-cliche way! I can find a hundred flaws with it. But I don't want to. This novel is light, clean, funny (I especially enjoyed Anna's father, who I imagine to be just like Nicholas Sparks with his books where someone always dies in the end), cute and sweet, with likable characters and a measured amount of teen angst. It is a quick and engaging read and a perfect holiday story.

Anna and the French Kiss will never make it to my shelf of favorites, but I will probably read Stephanie Perkins's next novel if it comes out around the same time next year and is equally cute and inoffensive.

P.S. Why, in every YA romance, the two love interests always end up sleeping together in the same bed, but of course in a chaste way?

P.P.S. Etienne is an uber-sexy name, is it not?
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message 1: by Scribble (last edited Dec 12, 2010 09:37PM) (new)

Scribble Orca Waiting to read what you liked about it.

Penny Adding to my TBR pile right now!

Hannah Sounds like a cute read, although the description of the heroine's dad makes me a little queasy - Nicholas Sparks hater that I am :)

Tatiana I know:) Thankfully, the heroine doesn't approve and pokes fun of her dad and he doesn't show up much in the story.

Tatiana LOL. And "16 and Pregnant" totally proves that's how it is in real life:)

Megan Zosia wrote: "Because - didn't you know?! - that's realistically the way any everyday run-of-the-mill teenager would behave..."

haha! I don't know which is more unrealistic regarding romance in YA ~ chaste couples or the super suave, sexy ones. Not too many YA writers simply write about the sweet & simple or embarrassingly awkward moments that really take place in teen relationships.

message 7: by jesse (last edited Dec 13, 2010 07:59AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

jesse Maybe authors think that's what we want to read. The sweet, innocent romance, which does NOT exist in this form anymoreway. It's awful & totally distorts the image of how it (= romantic love) actually happens.

Love makes blind.
Love makes selfish.
Love changes.
Love fades.

I've seen how it changes people and it disgusts me how many people walk out on sb. because of that.

Megan Joe wrote: "I've seen how it changes people and it disgusts me how many people walk out on sb. because of that."


message 9: by Scribble (new)

Scribble Orca Megan wrote: "Not too many YA writers simply write about the sweet & simple or embarrassingly awkward moments that really take place in teen relationships. "

Remember the teashop with frilly lace curtains and tablecloths and snogging couples in Harry Potter? That went well, didn't it? :D

Megan That's what I'm talking about, lol! A really weird date filled with barely met expectations on each side is a teen rite of passage, right?

Heather Oh vati, could you imagine if someone were to write what its acutally like to date, as a teen or adult? I could whip up half a dozen horror stories without even thinking....

message 12: by Tatiana (last edited Dec 13, 2010 09:42AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Tatiana I think some (few) authors do write the truth. I just re-read The Boyfriend List: 15 Guys, 11 Shrink Appointments, 4 Ceramic Frogs and Me, Ruby Oliver and it was very realistic IMO. Like that thing with Shiv, when he asked her to be his GF and then dropped her the same day because she was talking about him with her friends.

Heather The only thing that isn't realistic about "The Boyfriend List" is that of 4 girlfrieds, they are all virigins, despite the fact that they are all now going to be seniors in high school. Out of my four girlfriends in hs, I was the only one with the scarlet V.

Tatiana They were 15 in it, and Kim was caught with Jackson in nuddy-pants by Heidi. So I think that part was realistic as well.

Heather I thought they were now all facing their senior year and all of them had yet gotten to the #10....

message 16: by Scribble (new)

Scribble Orca ? number 10?

Tatiana Oh no, Jackson is 16 and the girls are a year younger. It even says so on the GR page of the book.

Heather #10= the full monty. Its from the Georgia Nicholson book series.

Hmm, I guess they are all just starting their junior year then?

Tatiana In book 2 they are juniors, so I guess in book 1 they are sophomores.

Tatiana I like rom-coms, when they are not too stupid:)

message 21: by Kogiopsis (last edited Dec 13, 2010 06:08PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kogiopsis Etienne is indeed a sexy name, especially since (according to one source, at least) it means crown. Is he like a fairytale prince? That would be apt.

Rosanne Great review, and IA, there are flaws but to focus on them too much seems pointless. Just a fun read.

Tatiana Anila, no, he is not a prince, just a part English/part American/part French HS student, but hot, naturally:)

Kogiopsis Hot's close enough...

Geetha Wow, I imagined her father like Nicholas Sparks too since his books also have similar titles almost. Great review!

message 26: by Erika (new)

Erika Etienne doesn't sound sexy to me :P... Great review, this book for some reason was starting to get my attention, but after reading your review i don't think it's the kind of book i'd like, i'm not that into chick-lit and romance... (i have no idea why it was getting my attention since some time ago, though)

message 27: by Ioana (new)

Ioana Just thought you should see this: http://debbieatethebook.blogspot.ro/2...

message 28: by Kalkedan (new)

Kalkedan Bezabih I disagree. I think this book is very realistic; there's nothing unfathomable about it. I also think that it provides some insight into Anna's thoughts. I think she was speaking for every female who has every had a crush when she says, "How many times can our emotions be tied to someone else's - be pulled and stretched and twisted - before they snap? Before they can never be mended again?” I think we have all been filled with overwhelming passion at some point in our lives. This book molded my thoughts into words, as I'm sure it did to others'.
I do agree with you when you say this book doesn't try to portray France in a non-cliche way. The lights, the theaters, the architecture - everything seems like the France you would read about in a tour brochure. I don't think that that's necessarily a bad thing though. I don't think this book has many flaws. I love the author's writing style. She varies her sentence structures and adds humorous bits. I love this book.

Hélen de Oliveira "I can find a hundred flaws with it. But I don't want to."
this portrays EXACTLY how I feel about the book! :)

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