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In Bed with the Boss by Susan Napier
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Jul 12, 2010

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This book was kind of boring and strange so I gave up on it. Despite the hero wearing a velvet matador jacket and getting a dangling earring (maybe because of that since he thought that made him cool). I just don't like books where the heroine is with someone else during part of the book, plus the hero's personality was kind of rubbing me the wrong way. I think he was supposed to come off as some sort of rebel but he seemed more like a loud, dorky man trying to be cool who had a sense of style straight out of the 80's (this was written in 1999). I did not finish this book so any comment are based off of the first few chapters before I decided to DNF it. But below you can enjoy the funny quotes describing the jacket and earring.

Description of the matador jacket the hero wore:

"He was dressed head to toe in black, his sculpted silk velvet jacket cropped like a matador's, the wide lapels and cuffs stiff with flamboyant gold embroidery."


"'You're wearing an earring!' she gasped, sufficiently distracted to forget she was about to edge her chair away from his.

'Yes, do you like it?' He turned so that the elongated jet and chased gold teardrop swung against the tanned column of his neck, almost brushing the collar of his jacket. A stud or a ring was a fairly commonplace decoration of modern macho cool, but the wickedly frivolous elegance of that dangling earring made an entirely different statement. It was the exquisite piece of jewellery that a languid Elizabethan fop might have worn...or a modern rock-and-shock star!

'I didn't even know you had your ear pierced' murmured Kalera faintly.

'I didn't-until this afternoon,' he said ...'For some reason I had this sudden, compelling urge to go out and do something just for sheer hell of it, something satisfyingly primitive, and preferably masochistic'...'I know I shouldn't be wearing anything but a stud in it yet,' Duncan went on in his confiding tone, 'but you know me, Kalera, I like to experiment. If you stick to the rules all your life you end up never doing any real living.'"

Holy crap there was so many funny things in those quotes that I just couldn't take this seriously. Modern macho cool? Rock-and-shock star? Dangly black and gold earring makes you such a bad boy Duncan! Rawr.
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message 1: by Dina (new) - rated it 1 star

Dina Melissa, I still don't remember why I hated this book, but seeing that you DNF it makes me feel better. Considering how we usually tend to agree on books, I was afraid you'd loved it and then I'd have to find an old copy just to see why I didn't.

message 2: by Rane (new)

Rane matador jacket and getting a dangling earring

LOL! And this was done in '99, sounds like a 80's reject

message 3: by MelissaB (new) - added it

MelissaB Rane - oh yeah I was picturing him dressed like the limo driver from The Wedding Singer movie.

The book was hitting all the wrong buttons for me so I decided to just save myself the pain and stop reading. I don't like when the heroine is still hung up on her deceased husband and when she is seriously dating someone else during the story - both were the case here. The hero was weird and kind of bi-polar - he is really spastic at work and then there is the whole matador jacket thing. I am adding quotes about the jacket and earring in the review to show how funny it was. Basically I couldn't take him or the story seriously after that :) This story just wasn't for me.

message 4: by AgentScully (new)

AgentScully LMAO! Funny review Melissa, at least you got some laughs out of it.

message 5: by Lynsey A (new)

Lynsey A Thanks for this review, Melissa. I normally like reading books by Susan Napier. I'll definitely make sure I avoid this one!

What a dorky hero! Certainly doesn't seem very alpha to me and definitely not macho! A Harlequin hero with a dangling earring? Makes me LOL.

message 6: by MelissaB (last edited Jul 15, 2010 06:36PM) (new) - added it

MelissaB Lynsey,

Keep in mind I only made it a couple of chapters into the story. Maybe he stopped wearing dangly earrings later? Haha.

message 7: by Dina (new) - rated it 1 star

Dina Ah, it's coming back to me now... I'm starting to remember why I hated this book so much, LOL.

message 8: by Dina (new) - rated it 1 star

Dina Melissa, did you read the ending? IIRC, the hero pulls his manhood off his pants and starts stroking himself right in front of the heroine, as a "proof" of his love for her. Man, I was so shocked by that scene! I'd never read anything like that in a HP book before.

message 9: by MelissaB (new) - added it

MelissaB Haha no but I will go check it out!

Well as l guess him being hard is proof of his love? Maybe?

message 10: by AgentScully (new)

AgentScully That's hilarious Dina!

message 11: by Dina (new) - rated it 1 star

Dina I hope I'm not confusing this book with another. I'll wait to hear back from you, Melissa. Because I know you're going to sneak a peek at the ending now. ;)

message 12: by MelissaB (new) - added it

MelissaB Dina,

I just read the ending - kind of creepy! It sounds like she was involved with the other guy the whole time too - which is a big no-no for me.

The end scene had her going to his room and whipping off his sheet, which is where she sees a stiff Mr. Happy which the hero does stroke.

Ahhh I made the right decision to DNF this one, the ending was so abrupt and strange.

Ridley Huh, I liked this hero a ton, bad fashion aside. Though, admittedly, it was some very bad fashion.

I think you're mistaken, Dina. The end has Kalera yank the sheet off him when she's yelling at him to get up, and he quips that he already is. I didn't see any wanking.

message 14: by Dina (new) - rated it 1 star

Dina Oh yes, he was already naked and ready to rock and roll, LOL. Is it funny that I still remember that scene and don't remember much about the overall story? I'm such a perv! ;)

message 15: by Quinn (new)

Quinn Too, too funny Melissa! What a bad boy rebel taking the stud out. Rawr is right! I can't believe this was written in 1999. Thanks for the laugh!

message 16: by willaful (new)

willaful I still think it sounds fun - hope I find it in my mystery boxes.

I think it's typical of Harlequins to be at least ten years behind the times... I remember reading something that seemed out of the fifties to me and being shocked to discover it was published the same year I got married.

message 17: by Lynsey A (new)

Lynsey A MelissaB wrote: "Dina,

I just read the ending - kind of creepy! It sounds like she was involved with the other guy the whole time too - which is a big no-no for me.

The end scene had her going to his room and wh..."

Involved with another man the whole time is a big no-no for me as well. Plus, that's really odd in a HP. Was she also sexually involved with this guy? I didn't think they did that in HP's.

Dina, when you read that end part did you flip to the front cover to make sure you were reading a HP? :-)

message 18: by MelissaB (new) - added it

MelissaB No, she wasn't sleeping with the other guy but she was engaged to him but I am not sure when she ended it (because I didn't finish the book).

And the sheet pulling off part, he only strokes Mr. Happy once to show her what she does to him, it's not like he sat there stroking for awhile. Then of course they fall into bed for some loving. Then it ended.

I didn't read the middle so I don't know what happened then.

message 19: by Lynsey A (new)

Lynsey A Ah, thanks for the info, Melissa. I still think I'll avoid this one.

message 20: by Miss Kim (new)

Miss Kim Hilarious review, Melissa! LOL

message 21: by D.G. (new)

D.G. OMG! The matador jacket! The dangly earring!
Who wouldn't swoon at the sight of his hero? LOLOLOL!

Great review, Melissa. :)

message 22: by Dina (new) - rated it 1 star

Dina Lynsey A wrote: "Dina, when you read that end part did you flip to the front cover to make sure you were reading a HP? :-)"

Yup! And then I flip back to the last pages (the ones with all those advertisements) to see if the "actual" ending of the story was somehow misplaced, because there was no way I could accept how things ended, LOL.

message 23: by Lynsey A (new)

Lynsey A @Dina - LOL too funny!

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