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Ominous by Kate Brian
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Jul 11, 2010

it was amazing
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Read on March 18, 2011

By Kate Brian

Pages: 212
Read: once on March 19, 2011
Series: Private, # 13

As always, possible spoilers, so beware.

First Line: I couldn’t move.

If you have not read the Private prequel, The Book of Spells, you will be so lost. So, for the purposes of this review I will assume everyone reading this has read The Book of Spells.

At first I was a little skeptical of magic in this series. Not because I don’t like magic, in fact I love magic. Harry Potter and Charmed are two of my favorite things in the world. I just wasn’t sure I liked it in here. I mean this is Private! Private has survived for four years with its scandals, murders, boarding schools, cute boys, and of course, Reed Brennan. I didn’t understand why in the SECOND TO LAST BOOK Kate Brian brought magic in the mix. That would be like getting a Chanel bag for your birthday only to find out it was from 2003. And while just owning something Chanel would be amazing, it would still be a total let down!

So you can see I was skeptical in the beginning. I thought for sure it would be cheesy and unbearable, but in a way only Kate Brian can do I was actually blown away.

The book opens exactly wear Vanished left often. Reed and Noelle have found The Book of Spells. Noelle immediately thinks it a joke and wants nothing to do with it, but Reed is intrigued. She kind of likes the idea of being a witch. Reed becomes kind of obsessed with the book. She reads it all day and night, always has it with her. Then she has a dream of Elizabeth Williams and of Astrid being kidnapped. She wakes up and lo and behold Astrid is missing! Reed tells Ivy and Josh about her dream and the book and of course they believe her because they are true friends. Noelle still thinks it’s a joke, which I can understand. That’s just Noelle. But I still felt a little hurt and a little bad for Reed because they are sisters and even if Noelle thought the magic was crazy she didn’t have to make fun of Reed.

Reed has a few more dreams of some of the Billings girls going missing so the headmaster calls school off for a while (I still can’t believe Easton is even open considering all the stuff that has gone down) and Reed and Noelle head to Noelle’s house in New York. Reed decides its time she tells the other Billings girls about the Book of Spells. Of course, some people believe her and some people thinks she’s nuts. Reed and the girls do the initiation to make them witches. Meanwhile Reed is trying to figure out the connection between Elizabeth Williams (they look exactly alike!) and herself. She finds out that Noelle is a descendant of Theresa Billings, Ariana is a descendant of Catherine White, and she is a descendant of both Theresa and Elizabeth Williams! So that explains all of her bad luck, haha.

Some stuff goes down on her birthday and we find out the person kidnapping the Billings girls is Mrs. Kane, Cheyenne Martin’s mother who is a descendant of Helen Jennings and who blames Reed for everyone’s trouble. I really enjoyed how Kate Brian weaved the history of the girls in the Book of Spells to the characters we know now. I am very anxious to know how the series will end.

What Happens Next?
Vengeance, the 14th and last novel in the series comes out September 2011

Buy? Rent? Borrow?
Buy! If you don’t like this series you are crazy! (Although I can understand how the magic may have turned some people off)

Cover Appeal :
The covers have been kind of weird for a while, but I really like this one.

Final Rating:
5 out of 5 stars
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Sherri I don't think this is the last book...they usually run in 4s. So I think this is the first book in the last set of 4. (Hope I'm right!)

Caits34 The last book for Privilege is called Cruel Love. Comes out next June.

I think when it says "Begins it's final chapter" I don't think it means it's the last book. I mean, with the book that just came out she's not even a senior yet, so I don't see her finishing up the series in 3 more books.

Alyssa This is the last book for private not privileged!

message 4: by Rose (new)

Rose is vengeance the last book then?

Alyssa Calloway @Caits34 - I just heard it was the last one awhile ago...I hope I'm wrong...

@Alyssa - I never said it was the last Privilege fact I clearly state that I thought this was the last Private book.

@Meredith - when I wrote this there was no news on any other Private books.

Alyssa I meant to say towards the other comments not u.

message 7: by Makenna (new) - added it

Makenna WHATTTT!!?? omg , i would just die if they ended , i love them so much!!! are you sure? :)

Lisa Vengeance

is the last one :(

Lisa for the privilege

Cruel Love is the last

message 10: by Makenna (new) - added it

Makenna when dod they come out?

message 11: by Brianna (new) - added it

Brianna There is one more after this book

message 12: by Lisa (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lisa what i said-

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