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Federman by Raymond Federman
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RECYCLING this Review because I just REREAD it and I kind of licked it.

I’m pretty certain (quite sure) that you’ve not yet heard enough about Raymond Federman. You’ve probably been told an insufficient number of times about how his mother shoved him into a closet as those nazi dogs climbed the stairs to drag off his X-X-X-X to be turned into lampshades. And if you don’t believe the story, Raymond Federman possesses the records of the deportation and auschwitzification of X-X-X-X. So just do the rest of us a damn favor and before you float another one of your damn’d hitler reviews please read Federman and find out what Laughterature really is. Nor am I at all convinced that the centuries long project of colonialism is just like the baking of people in ovens and on the other side of that token I’m not at all certain that the best means to react to that unforgivable enormity is to sacralize it as a unique evental moment of history. Ray is still writing his poems.

At any rate, however you come down on those issues, what we have here is a real treat! A four hundred page Recylopedia recycling everything you already know and everything you’ve always wanted to know about Raymond Federman (alas, missing are the final ten years of Ray’s work and life) but were either afraid to ask or didn’t know enough yet to ask. Excerpts, essays, rare B-sides and outtakes, You Name It! It’s all in there! Almost as if our Three Stooge=Editors had lost their editing shears -- they just shoved it all right in!

What we have here in this Recyclopedia is the most severe case of the Federman Virus I have ever encountered. That’s not surprising given that Ray is BURIED in this country (the Germans love to laugh with him!). But I’ve seen some evidence that the Federman Virus is gaining a toehold on goodreads. And I’m not sure anyone has anti-virals prepared. Viruses aren’t fun and people die from them. Like from AIDS or Ebola. So maybe we shouldn’t joke like this. Or maybe we should learn to laugh and learn how to write Laughterature. You don’t own me, we might insist, The Federman Virus owns me!

Get Federmanniacal!!
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Raymond Federman
“Frog backward is GO RF.”
Raymond Federman, Federman A to X X X X: A Recyclopedic Narrative
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Raymond Federman
“...but Marcel in the novel does not merely remember what happened to him when he was younger and lived the life of a dilettante, in most cases he invents, he speculates, imagines makes up stories about himself and the other characters in the novel. Yes, Marcel constantly invents, right before our eyes, what he thinks happened, or might have happened, or ought to have happened, especially since, in many instances, he was not present himself to witness what happened, or if he was present he was unable to hear or see what was happening. That is, in fact, the key to this novel: that Marcel does not simply remember what he tells us, but that he speculates on the basis of what he thinks he remembers. Therefore, it is not memory but imagination that engenders the novel. A la recherche du temps perdu is not simply a work of fiction that looks backward to retrieve the past, it is above all a novel that looks forward towards its own future, towards its own making, as it reflects on its creative process. And that is also true of much contemporary fiction, or what has been called New Fiction, Metafiction, Anti-fiction, Postmodern Fiction, or Surfiction.”
Raymond Federman, Federman A to X X X X: A Recyclopedic Narrative

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0.25% "The Q :: to read this front to back, page one to page three hundred ninety-eight? or read it in the proper federmanesque leap=frog manner? (which would be provided already by the alpha-beta arrangement, no?)

And secondarily, please nominate your favorite encyclopedically arranged novels. I'm thinking of the one about the Khazars (diction airy, same dif), that Cortázar book...."
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12.31% "Fact :: Michel Foucault bailed Raymond Federman out of the Buffalo jail in 1970.

Well, or maybe he just picked up the check for the legal defense. Whichever."
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64.57% "Richard Martin (german translator) to Federman regarding a certain blurbing by a certain.... ::

"Listen, friend, do you really want assholes like Gardner setting his seal of approval on your work?"

nr :: "LOL, loudly""
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message 1: by Fionnuala (new)

Fionnuala GO RF!

Nathan "N.R." Gaddis There are some frogs, that if you lick their backsides, you can catch the Federman Virus.

message 3: by Fionnuala (new)

Fionnuala Quel crapaud ;-)

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