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Sourcery by Terry Pratchett
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Jul 10, 2010

really liked it

** spoiler alert ** More wackiness from Discworld. Still funny, but I'm kind of sad. Where's Rincewind? He can't be dead...can he? Nah.

In Sourcery, a young wizard shows up, who is the 8th son of an 8th son (called a "sourcerer"), which isn't supposed to happen, because all 8th sons are wizards, and wizards aren't supposed to be allowed to marry and have children. However, Coin's father left wizardry to try to live a normal life. Death makes his obligatory appearance, right after Coin is born and attempts to take Coin's father. But Coin's father is slick and clever and enchants himself into Coin's staff, so that he can teach him throughout his life.

Coin later walks into Unseen University and demands to wear the Arch-chancellor's hat, which, unfortunately, has just be stolen by Conina, who then runs into Rincewind.

Wackiness ensues as the hat tries to stay away from Coin, and wizards get more powerful, and Discworld sees a magic war that rivals the Mage Wars of legendary times.

The librarian continues to be adorable (all he can say, pretty much is "Ook." And we have a young man who falls in with Conina and Rincewind, who is a self-proclaimed "hero," because he read a book.

Terry continues to delight with this tale. I know...I'm way behind, but I started late.
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