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Vampire Wanted by Amber Kell
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Jul 09, 2010

really liked it

** spoiler alert ** This is not your typical vampire story. No way. No how. The vamp shall taketh and Nicholas shall taketh away. :snickering: It was there and I just had to. But if you don’t read this one you’re truly missing out on a story that will have you bent over laughing and yours eyes tearing non-stop. The hilarity of it is that no matter what Nicholas thought both Damian and John along with every other vamp knew about the private little warfare of his thoughts and it always came back to kick Nicholas in the arse.

Nicholas is outrageously blunt. There’s no bullshitting with him or pulling the wool over his eyes. He tells it like he sees it and thinks even if his thoughts are invaded by vamps. Anything that comes out of Nicholas mouth will set you into fits of laughter. Dude is really one of those: throw me shit and I’ll throw it right back. He’s tough, a hotshot and can smack you down.

Damian wanted Nicholas so bad that he took what he wanted without asking and suckered him in to being his life mate. In Nicholas way of thinking? Big fawking no, no. This guy needed to lighten up. I mean come on! Does offering to kill someone or stating touch him or hurt him I’m going to kill you backup his claim to Nicholas being HIS for Eternity in any way? Nicholas does find Damian hard to resist at every turn, but he can dish it out and back at you two-fold. I’m convinced without a doubt that Nicholas missed his calling and stand up comedian is the road path he should have taken.

Oh shite and let’s not forget the added little fur-ball, Hell kitty, who will shell-shock you and just when you thought you’ve read it all in this book? Well you damn well haven’t till you’ve been intro’d to Simon. He’s the cream of the crop or is that the fuzz of the ball? I liked the added touch of the cat, but I hafta admit that the story started spiral, get a little whacked and funked from there on out after the hairball started talking. Oops, spoiler. My bad!

One of the best Amber Kell books I’ve read so far and although it’s in that dreaded first person it surpasses all her other books I’ve read to date.

These words I won't forget said by Nicholas about Damian: “Did you drop him on his head when he was a new vampire?”

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DarienMoya Great review! "One of the best Stormy book", please tell me what you mean,lol.

message 2: by Betryal (last edited Jul 27, 2010 03:01PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Betryal Supposed to be Amber. Sorry, :sighs: I'm having a really rough fawked up day! I got a kick out of the sarcasm, the comebacks that had me laughing too much to read at times. Kinda reminded me some of the sense of humor we'd find in Mia Watts books with her characters. Nicholas is one of a kind in this and I know first person can suck the bag, but writing it this way was needed to do Nicholas justice otherwise the story wouldn't have been the same.

DarienMoya Why do people dislike first person so much, I don't really mind it.

Gotta add this one to my TBR!

Betryal I didn't in the beginning and in some case I still don't but I've enjoyed it in many books that taught me first person ain't all that bad, depending on the story.

DarienMoya Yep, first person tend to work better with certain stories.

Betryal Riya wrote: "POSSIBLY a conversation I should stay out of, but for me, first person POV means I spend A LOT of time wondering what the other guy is thinking. Yes, I do read it. And yes, I do like some books wi..."

:snickers: And I'm framing your eulogy

Betryal Riya wrote: "I'm bringing it to work as a warning on what happens if you continually read first person......
Let it be a lesson to you."


message 8: by Maggie (new)

Maggie LMAO! I don't think I'll like the book, but your review was very cool!
Thanks for the laugh!!

message 9: by Ter (new) - added it

Ter Great review Sidney!!! Don't you just love Nickolas!! lol!!

Betryal Ter wrote: "Great review Sidney!!! Don't you just love Nickolas!! lol!!"


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