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Broken Course by Aly Martinez
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it was amazing

I don't have the right amount of words to describe how much I loved this book and this entire series for that matter. Though I might not have the right amount of words to describe how much I loved every single word of this phenomenal book, I do have some...

This book blew me away.

This book took my breath away.

This book made me feel every single thing and emotion these characters felt, and I don't know if I could have felt this book more.

This book is exceptional. It's phenomenal. It's wonderful. It's beautiful. It's gut wrenching at times. It's emotional. It's feeling. It's everything. But in the end it's nothing short of amazing.

Broken Course tells the story of Sarah Erikson, who I first met in Changing Course, and Leo James, who I fell in love with while reading Among the Echoes. These two are quite a pair, and I literally not get enough of them. Their story together is the culmination of so much, and Aly Martinez just blew me away again and again with the sheer magic she created between the pages of this book.

I have to admit the first time I met Sarah Erikson in Changing Course, I wasn't necessarily her biggest fan. In fact I am almost positive I said that she put the cray in crazy, and that was kind of true. But even in those moments where she seemed out of her mind, I got her. I understood her, and I felt for her. The reason that was all possible was because of Aly Martinez and her phenomenal writing and storytelling. She gave me three books worth of Sarah, and the more and more I read her the more and more I loved her character. She is by far my favorite character in this story.

That's not to say I didn't love every single one of the other characters in this series. I loved them all fiercely, but Sarah I just loved on a whole other level. Maybe it was because she was the one everyone else was bound to dislike, or maybe it was because of her flaws that just made her her, or it could be that I just like me some crazy. But whatever it is I could not get enough of her character. I loved her, I understood her, and I just wanted to make it all better for her through it all. (And that's after all the crazy crap she pulled.) Broken Course really is her story. This book will make you see an entirely new side to Sarah, but don't worry, all those wonderful and crazy things that make her her, are still there.

While this book is Sarah's book, it's also just as much Leo' book. Leo James is one fine ass male character. But he is no simple man by any means. If you thought Sarah had past baggage, you haven't met Leo yet. When you meet Leo in this book he is still reeling from what has happened in his past. Slowly but surely that past comes to light and it will just make you feel for his character immensely. It will also explain so much about him, and how his relationship with Sarah evolves.

Leo is also charming as all get out, and he is exactly what Sarah needs, and in turn she is exactly what he needs. That's not to say that their story is not one chalk full of twists and turns and ups and downs, but reading these two go through all that will just make you love them more.

I am telling you, it is impossible not to love Leo James and Sarah Erikson after this book. Their story is wholly unique and powerful. It is filled to the brim with regret, and guilt, and pain, and emotion, and vulnerability. But it's also bursting with happiness, and sweetness, and joy, and light, and redemption, and forgiveness. I cannot rave enough about the level of emotion this book has. (That this entire series has!) You feel it all right along with these characters, and that is nothing short of exceptional.

This book and the magnificent story between its pages is one you've never read before. It will take you through so much, but you will highly enjoy every single moment you experience within this book.

These two characters have some serious pasts between them, and they have more pain and demons they are constantly fighting than you can shake a stick at, but that is what makes them them and you will love them for it. Those flaws, that past, and that pain will have you wanting to make it all better for them, and it'll have you fighting with all you've got to get these two to the happy they so truly deserve.

They are also so freaking passionate. Their passion sparks off that page and will have you believing in them both. It will also have you're heart melting and heating repeatedly throughout this book. Those two are crazy passionate, but that is them, and it works so freaking much for them.

This book is a fight, and fight you will, but that fight is what makes this book phenomenal.

Broken Course is the beyond perfect conclusion to this story. Reading this book gave me chills in the best possible way, and it even brought a tear to my eye. I may have only spent a short time with these characters in this series, but they really struck a chord with me. They hit me full force, and adhered their unique and stubborn and charming selves to my heart the instant I met them. (Even Sarah! Especially Sarah...)

Like I said I do not have the right amount of words to describe the amazingness of this book. This book, this series, these characters and their stories are ones that I will truly never forget. Ever.

The Wrecked and Ruined Series explores how one night, and one tragic event altered the course of so many people. It put each of them on courses they never thought they'd be, but ultimately those courses made all the difference. Brett, Jesse, Caleb, Emma, Sarah, Leo, Casey, Eli, and even Slate & Erica were all changed from that one night. That night changed everything, but from that night came so much.

Yes there was almost an insurmountable amount of pain and hurt and anguish from that night, and from the many nights that followed, but most of all that night brought about some truly unexpected things. It brought about change, it brought about healing and transformation and forgiveness, but ultimately it really brought about love. All kinds of love.

So I know this review is really long, and I've likely lost most of you by this point, but for those of you still around I'll say it again as I finish up my review of this phenomenal book & series.

Aly Martinez blew me away again and again with her Wrecked and Ruined series, but most of all with Broken Course. This book made me laugh, it made my heart hurt, it made me smile, it made me melt, and most of all it made me love these characters and their stories even more than I thought possible.

I've said this probably 10 times by now, but I cannot recommend this book and series to you more. They are exceptional through and through, and I honestly wish I could experience reading them for the first time again, because the feelings and connections I had while reading this book will stay with me forever.

So thank you Aly Martinez for giving me that. You are a doll, and I am in awe of you and your writing. And for everyone else, read these books. Like yesterday.

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Quotes Megan Liked

Aly Martinez
“My life hasn’t been all that stable over the last few years. However, I’m a firm believer that, when you find someone who fits, you claim them. Immediately.”
Aly Martinez, Broken Course

Aly Martinez
“Oh God. What did you say?"
"I don’t even remember exactly. But I’m pretty sure I called you my woman and pissed on someone’s leg.”
Aly Martinez, Broken Course

Aly Martinez
“I love you. I love you despite it all, and now, I’m standing here, begging you to love me despite it all too.”
Aly Martinez, Broken Course

Aly Martinez
“We might be a mess, but you’re my mess, Sarah.”
“I don’t think you really understand what you’re getting into.”
“I don’t think you really understand that I’m not getting into anything. I’m already in so deep there isn’t a chance in hell that I could ever turn back.”
Aly Martinez, Broken Course

Aly Martinez
“I’m able to be your rock even though, sometimes, I feel like I can barely support my own weight. But more than that, I love knowing that, even on my weakest days, you understand enough about how I’m feeling to be my rock also.”
Aly Martinez, Broken Course

Aly Martinez
“This is your very own Kindle. No more borrowing mine. I swear, Sarah, I opened it the other day and there was a naked man on the cover of nearly every book in my library.”
Aly Martinez, Broken Course

Aly Martinez
“Food poisoning, huh? The second best gift you can give a date…besides an STD.”
Aly Martinez, Broken Course

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