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Changing Course by Aly Martinez
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it was amazing

So I waited way too effing long to read this book.

I loved everything about this book. Every. Single. Thing. I was immediately taken in with the unique story laced with so much emotion, pain, and anguish. I was also immediately taken away with all of the unforgettable characters that make this book what it is.

Brett, the main guy. It doesn't really get much better than him. I don't know if I've read a male quite like him. He cares. He gives. He feels with every ounce. Reading this book just made me want to reach in and hug him for all he goes through. That man experiences it all, and through all of it, he is just a good guy. It also doesn't hurt that he is really good looking, and is totally heart melting.

Jesse is just a breath of fresh air through the high level of emotion that so wonderfully weaves its way through this book. She is light, she is fun, and she is sassy, which combines to make her a true gem of a female character to read. She is such an authentic female character and you will connect to her character so much. She is so real and wonderful to spend time with, and the level with which she cares and fights will just make you smile.

What those two have together and what they're fighting for together will just have you rooting for them from the very beginning. They've got many major road bumps to overcome throughout their story, but through all those bumps you will be cheering them on in their fight. You will be with them in the thick of it, giving it your all right along with them. I can't tell you enough how truly outstanding that feeling is as you read this amazing book.

Caleb....I don't have words for how much I felt and cared for Caleb. This book wasn't even his book, and I couldn't help but love him. That man has been through so much, and I cannot wait to sink my fingers into his story.

Sarah is a character I have a few choice words to describe, most of which would make most mothers want to clean your mouth out with soap. And believe me, that girl deserves every single one of those words. But even though Sarah is a character that I wanted to reach in and slap silly, I still loved her through and through. That girl puts the cray in crazy, but she owns it. And in a way, I really got her.

Changing Course is about what happens when life takes you in a direction you were not expecting. That new direction is laced with pain, and emotion, and so much uncertainty. It's not where you thought you'd ever be, but this book explores when that new direction brings you to the unexpected places where life really begins.

It explores what happens when Brett and Jesse attempt to find the sunshine in all the fog. It explores what happens when you get a second chance at it all. It explores what it truly means to attempt to heal from the pain of the past in order to get where you always needed to be.

This book is filled with so much. What these characters experience is nothing short of life changing. They go through so much over the course of events are so phenomenally written in this book. Those events unfold, and slowly but surely you understand so much more of what's happened to all the players in this story.

This book and its characters will also make you feel so much, and that's what sets it apart. You'll feel their heartache, you'll experience and understand all of the pain they go through, and you'll just want to reach in and make it better for all of them. (Even that not so nice lady named Sarah.) You'll feel their hope, and the light, and healing that starts to form.

You will feel it all.

Changing Course was truly an emotional read for me, but I couldn't get enough of the amazing characters, the unique story, and all the details that just made this book something else. I can't recommend this book to you more. This author's writing is utterly fantastic, and will hook you in from the very first word.

There are moments in this book that'll make your heart hurt for all these characters go through. Other moments will make you swoon from the sweetness coming from the pages. Many moments will have your cheeks heating up a bit from the kinetic chemistry and spark between Brett and Jesse. This book wonderfully balances all of these moments to make an outstandingly well rounded book with all you could want and more.

You'll immediately fall in love with this book and the ride it takes you on. Enjoy that, because this is a truly exceptional book that I guarantee you've never read before!!

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Aly Martinez
“I wait in front of the stadium, scrolling through Facebook on my cell phone. I swear if one more of my high school friends posts pictures of their lunch, kids, or dogs, I'm going on a spree reporting everyone as spam.”
Aly Martinez, Changing Course

Aly Martinez
“Good, because did you see his ass in those jeans tonight? Seriously, I would gladly go to jail just to hump his leg.”
Aly Martinez, Changing Course

Aly Martinez
“I'm her fucking man, so you better start apologizing before you become her dead brother.”
Aly Martinez, Changing Course

Aly Martinez
“Please, Jess, I don’t want to stand here for another minute without kissing you. I’ve had a shit night and I’d love to forget it with you. When I’m with you, the world goes silent.”
Aly Martinez, Changing Course

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