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Mating Net by Rowena Beaumont Cherry
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Dec 27, 2007

it was amazing
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Author's comment, not a review. The first chapter can be heard free as an audio book (7 minutes)

Her lures were intended for a prince,
but a ruthless Emperor netted her…

What is an ambitious young princess to do when she finds herself irrevocably married to the wrong god? What is her jilted fiancé to do?

Prince Devoron-Vitan, supreme commander of the Tigron Empire's star forces, wants to go home and find out what the starblazes is going on. In one short gestate, his twin brother Djohn-Kronos has killed their father, taken the throne, nullified all existing royal betrothals, and started a war.

Why a war? If there had ever been a good reason for killing republicans and democrats, he’d like to hear it. Then, rumors reach Devoron-Vitan that Djohn-Kronos intends to catch Devoron-Vitan's fiancée—Helispeta—in his MATING NET
ISBN: 0-9765397-1-3

FANTASTIC! Short though it may be, Rowena Cherry’s MATING NET moves at her trademark “warp” speed, hurling the reader deeper into her universe of political machinations and Royal Skullduggery.
~Brenda Clark,

FIVE STARS. Rowena Cherry is one of the best sub-genre writers due to her skill at placing the heroic characters in impossible scenarios as she has with the delightful MATING NET.
~Harriet Klausner, AFFAIRE DE COEUR

It's a racy, razor edge of a tale, which will leave you amazed at how she does so much with so few pages.
~Deborah MacGillivray, author of A RESTLESS KNIGHT

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Rowena Well, Ixan, I didn't write the review snippets, I quoted other people's reviews, and I posted the official blurb.

As for the 5 stars... That is the rating the 3 quoted reviewers gave it, so in one sense, I am reporting other people's star ratings.

I honestly do think it's a very good book. When I hear Scott Merrill reading it aloud, I'd give it 5 stars no matter who wrote it.

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