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it was amazing

I've been a reader of XKCD for ages. Not just a reader, a fan. A big goey, geeky fan.

So much of a fan that when I heard about this book, I went so far as to abuse my power as an author to get an Advance Reading Copy of the book, so that I could enjoy its deliciousness sooner. And... y'know... taunt people on the internet.

And it worked. I got an early copy. And I treasured it. I petted it. It was precious to me. Precious.

Then life got in the way. Conventions. Promotion for my own book launch. I had dad stuff to do. I had prep work for the yearly Worldbuilders fundraiser. Then I had my book tour....

Through all of this, I carried my precious ARC around, waiting for the time when I'd be able to spare the brainpower to read it. I even took it on tour with me. (Honestly, this book has more frequent flier miles than any three of you put together.)

It wasn't until I got back home that I started it. I wanted something to read before I went to bed, and I picked What If because I was worried if I picked up another book I'd be reading half the night and it would screw up my already dysfunctional sleep schedule.

Despite my best intentions, I read half the book that night. It cost me precious sleep I couldn't afford to lose. But I don't regret it. Not a bit.

It's clever, but if you know anything about Randall Munroe, that won't come as a surprise to you. And it's funny, and witty (which are two different things, by the way.) But again to readers of XKCD this won't come as any sort of surprise.

The surprise was how *easy* it was to read. There's some decent science in there, but it wasn't anywhere nearly as brain-taxing as I'd expected. Munroe does a brilliant job of explaining very complex concepts simply. That's a rare gift.

The other surprise is how much it pulled me in. I expected to read the book in dribs and drabs over a couple weeks. Instead, I tore through it. That's not usually the case for me with non-fiction books.

In brief, it's worth your time. Even if you haven't read his comic. Even if you haven't ever heard of Randall Munroe. Even if you're not into science. You should pick this up and read it. You'll be glad you did.
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Nikos Elefthérios Well, now i want to read it. It is always good to see scientific facts explained in an easy and nicelly written way.

Manny So you couldn't put it down either :)

message 3: by Eva (new)

Eva Now I want to read it too.

message 4: by Jim (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jim Awesome book!

message 5: by Rohit (new)

Rohit Setia So you want to write a book about this books review.

Giridhur Sriraman Can anyone here tell me how to write a review using the Goodreads app?

donny I like your review Patrick. It's a good book

David Whitlock well, I gues he likes it as much I did.

ضحى باعقيل Is the language of the book so scientific? I'm advanced in English, but I'm afraid I wouldn't understand it if it was written in a mere scientific way :/

Ross2075 @Duhamohammad - not scientific at all. Written for the common man.

ضحى باعقيل @Ross2075 Thank you very much.

message 12: by StrikeForce IV (new)

StrikeForce IV I read this book too. You may ACTUALLY be right this time.

message 13: by StrikeForce IV (new)

StrikeForce IV Oh, by the way, Xkcd is a great website.

message 14: by Dani (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dani Daggermouth Honestly I'm not even a third way into this book and its 100% the most fantastic book I've ever read.

message 15: by Kelli (new) - added it

Kelli Wilson Excellent review Sir

Davey My cat smells like cat food

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