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For Keeps by Natasha Friend
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Jul 08, 2010

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** spoiler alert ** This book is an okay teen lit romance. If you're in the mood for that, this will likely fit the bill. Not anything really too different or deep here.
While I liked the characters of Josie and her mom,Kate, they both seemed to be very willing to always see the worst in the males in their lives. I understood Josie's caution with Matt and her reasons for it, but she seemed to be angered by him too easily. She was both physically too easy with him and emotionally too tough on him. She seemed to be all over the place in her dealings with him. Didn't care much for that about her, although maybe it was realistic, not sure.
Her mom's relationship with her long lost father seemed to have too many people interfering in it to be believable. First his friend and then her parents. Did Kate never think to pick up the phone? Surely his best friend or someone would have had a phone number? It seemed just a bit contrived that they both loved each other and wanted to be together, but his letters were hidden and his calls never got to her, etc. I might have been okay with that if when all the secrets finally come out, if her father Paul hadn't been planning to just go on with his life, without first finding out if there was still something with the mother of his child. That didn't work for me. I'd just been convinced by all the evidence that he was actually a good guy, but then that is kind of snatched back again. If both her parents had truly matured then they'd need to find out what was between them before making commitments elsewhere.The resolution was both too easy and too brief. Everyone was forgiven just like that, sixteen years of separation from her father and oh, well, no one meant it to be cruel so it'a all okey-dokey? And Paul, no matter what Kate's wishes might have been, he had both an emotional and financial obligation to his child. And Kate, no matter her feelings, had no right to keep a man from his child for her own selfish reasons. All of this comes out in the last dozen or so pages and all these issues should have been explored instead of just wrapping it all up there. They'd just gotten to the real work of putting their lives together when the book ends.
All in all, just ho-hum, not bad, not great.
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