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Blue is for Nightmares by Laurie Faria Stolarz
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Jul 07, 2010

it was amazing
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Recommended for: Wiccan People

The Gist

This book is about a girl named Stacey who has nightmares about people and they end up coming true. She performs spells to keep the dreams away or in some cases revel them. One day when she dreams about her best friend Drea and a psycho stalker she makes her first priority saving her but time is running out and she has to use every spell in the book to save her.

What We Think

Reviewed by The North Star

Blue is for Nightmares is the first book in the Blue is for Nightmares Series and is one of my favorite series ever. I read this and the second book in literally a day. I found them very interesting with all the spells and the characters are very normal (besides Stacey). This book was a great read because the setting of the book was believable. In most fiction books they take place in faraway lands or secrets places on the earth that no one knows about except for the characters but in this book they are set on a local boarding school. The thing that i didn’t like about this book was the character Drea. I mean I liked her but she gets jealous really easy so at times she can get super annoying. Other than that I think that Laurie did a fantastic job of explaining the characters feelings for each other and I can always read a good flirt fight between Amber and PJ.

Real Teen Rating~ A: Go Buy Now

Reviewed by Dream Catcher

I first read these books in eighth grade. I was browsing the classroom library of my current english teacher and came across Blue is for Nightmares. A friend of mine had been raving about it. It was so unique. It was like nothing she’d ever read. It was sooooo good! Yeah, right I thought. But I had to admit, I was intrigued. So I checked it out of the library and read it in a few days. It really was as good as my friend had described! Though Stacey’s friends Amber and Drea were a bit weird they were charming, and definitely likable. PJ, who constantly changes his hair color, also constantly flirts, which always got me to laugh. Chad, love interest to nearly everyone, was sweet and lovable (which is good considering the whole love interest thing). For characters, she was right on, and the plot was just as good, in my opinion. It was creepy and sketchy and was different from anything else I’d ever read. The whole idea of Wicca is seriously interesting. There was never a point in the book I wasn’t entertained. Seriously. As for this book versus the others in the series, I think this was my favorite or at least, one of my favorites. Really good, and I would definitely recommend it. Overview: A fast-paced, Wiccan thriller that left me turning page after page, desperate to know how it ends.

Real Teen Rating~ A : Go Buy Now.

Reviewed by Living Destiny

I read this series because, once again, I was out of books to read. This happens to me a lot. So my friends recommended the Blue is for Nightmares series, because they thought it was amazing. Sure, why not, I thought. I had nothing to read, and I was desperate. So I read the first book. It was better than I thought it would be. It wasn’t really a thriller book, but it sort of was. It was very exciting!

I really loved Amber and PJ. They were two of my favorite characters, because they could make any situation lighter, and they were always cracking jokes, or getting into some intense flirt session. Which was funny in a strange sort of way. Chad was irritating to me, but he was a good guy. It wasn’t his fault that he was caught in between two girls. Drea was rude and bratty sometimes, but she was also sweet. The only character I really had a problem with was Stacey, the main character. She just struck me as too whiny and needy. True, she was under a lot of stress, but she was still super annoying. But it was good that all the characters had some flaws, because it makes them sound more human. Characters who are perfect seem so fake.

The plot was entertaining, and I liked the whole magic/Wiccan theme. It was a nice change that the spells weren’t so otherworldly. They were more natural, and weren’t necessarily dark or evil. The magic was all easy to imagine being real, where in most books with spells, the magic is unrealistic and absurd.

This book was great. Not exceptional, but it was a good read, and it sucked me in pretty well. It convinced me to read the rest of the series, and if a book makes you keep reading, it’s always a good sign, right?

Real Teen Rating~ A-: Read it!

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