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White Is for Magic by Laurie Faria Stolarz
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The Gist

After finally catching the killer and saving her best friend Drea, Stacey has returned back to school. She has also finally caught the eye of Chad and is very excited to now be in a relationship with him. Now she is having more nightmares which mostly revolve around crazy stalkers and the little girl she used to babysit, Maura. While all this is happening she soon becomes in contact with the new student Jacob. He is a complete mystery to her and now has to deal with her conflicting feelings for Chad and Jacob. Jacob then soon reveals to her he also has dreams about the same things that are happening. Now they have to team up to find out who the murderer is and stop him before someone else is hurt.

What We Think

Reviewed by The North Star

I apologize for the very bad gist above. I have not read this book in a long time so I tried to write from what I remember. I liked this book better than Blue is for Nightmares. I think that she evolved the characters much more in this book than in the first book. I also loved the character of Jacob, he is probably one of my favorite characters ever in a series. Unlike Edward, he has flaws and isn’t afraid to admit to them. The other thing that I liked about this book was that they brought back her past with the little girl that she used to babysit. In the first book she left it very open ended about what happened with her so I was ecstatic when she decided to write the whole book basically about Maura. With almost every book though you get some negatives. The one thing that really bothered me in this book was Chad. He was extremely awkward while dating Stacey in this book. I’m not sure why he was just the way he acted around Stacey was just very strange and it seemed as he was trying to make the relationship work when both of them knew it wouldn’t. Other than the awkwardness between Stacey and Chad I really enjoyed this book and if you liked Blue is for Nightmares then you guaranteed to love White is for Magic.

Real Teen Rating~ A: Go Buy Now!

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