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The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa by Milarepa
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Jul 05, 2010

it was amazing

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Nityananda Adepts will advance rapidly by help of this work. Here is my Google+ and Facebook Post of today:
Five lovely maiden supernaturals sang to Milarepa these brilliant words. Indeed, there are TREMENDOUS insights all the way through "The Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa" translated by Dr. Chang. Highly advanced teachings. Anyhow, these accomplished women told him:
You have realized what "beyond-words" means
and never would be swayed by thoughts.
How absolutely apt. That is my condition:
I have realized what "beyond-words" means
and never would be swayed by thoughts.
I never articulated it so exquisitely. Milarepa's book is overflowing with priceless diamonds of that nature. Anyhow, once you have dissolved in the Stillness, the Silence, of All-at-once, and let us also call it the universally-derived in-tuition, your own thoughts, doubts, wants and nightmares are invalidated altogether, annulled, mooted and muted. They are EXTERNAL. Your mind becomes a clunk, an external thing, like a block in front of you. It does not KNOW. That's the problem. It only jams data together with reactivity and comes up with a result that the poor bewildered slob acts upon.
Well. That's the story.
Therefore, when i write here, and the awareness comes from another realm altogether, another KIND of awareness ... the summary Self-awareness of All-at-once adapted for my circumstance ... the majority of people will say "I don't understand." The words would be plain enough, if they would just read them on focus. But they are caught in memes, thought-patterns of their society, and they cannot force true living knowledge into that mechanical grid. They do not want to invest in seeing and contemplating something ORIGINAL. So that's it. There's nothing to do but leave them there.
But some few there are who lock-on. THOSE understand. They are transformed. Even though, for instance, i live as the five maidens described by their words, which i do understand, i am transformed too by those words, into more solidity and speed for over-riding doubts, worries, thoughts; thrown into more trust, certainty and implacable calm. This divinizing effect is permanent ... this i know in the "beyond-words" ... and happened in the moment of reading.
Let me reiterate, that book is full of ultra-advanced teachings.

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