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Incompatibility by Chuck Snyder
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Jul 04, 2010

it was ok
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Ho-hum......blah! Blah! Blah! The authors seemed to babble on for about 80 pages before I found anything that vaguely interested me but once I start reading a book I need to finish it. Chuck Snyder struck me as a little sexist and this irritated me a lot-according to him women shouldn't work if they are to truly honor God because their place is in the home making it nice for their families! What?!? I am lucky that I am able to be a stay-at-home mom for now but many Americans don't have the choice or the luxury to stay home full-time. As soon as my son goes to first grade I NEED to go back to work so we can have better health benefits for our children and to help them pay for college in the future. According to Chuck, this is AGAINST God's plan! Pshaw! He also mentioned that women shouldn't do so much outside the home so things like my monthly book club, going to the gym, and ladies nights every so often should be given up so that I can relax in my sanctuary that I have created for my family. I doubt Chuck has ever spent any time raising children - if he did, he would understand why I need to take a few hours away each week for my own sanity! Mothers have enough guilt trying to manage a home, children, a job, and other things to fulfill themselves and they don't need a man preaching "Godly" values and making them feel guilty.
I did like his mention about a woman needing 12 non-sexual touches a day (holding hands, pat on the arm)just to keep their sanity. He stated if a man never touches his wife unless he wants to go to bed, she feels used. I'll share this one with my hubby! He is good to me but he could use a little more finesse!

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