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Beautiful Redemption by Jamie McGuire
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really liked it
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Beautiful Redemption tells the story of Thomas Maddox a year after his break up with Camille, Trent's girl. In this book was introduced Agent Liis Lindy, a language analyst, who got transferred to San Fransisco after her breaking up with her boyfriend after 7 years together. In her first night in the city Liis went for a drink and a couple of hours later she got back to her new condo with a hot, tall, strong hazel eyed man and, well, had hot great sex but after the beautiful stranger was ready to leave he told her he lived upstairs. Liis, trying not to mind her affair with her hot neighbor is focused on her job when someone barks at her: her moody, rude, mean and strong as new boss... the same man she just slept with the night before. After a few weeks of awkwardness and her not putting up with his shit a new project was set to go. Travis Maddox, Thomas' little brother, is about to face years in prision for the deaths of all those teens back in college in the fire unless Thomas convices his brother to join the FBI. Of course, Thomas' family doesn't know he's an undecovered agent, no one but his ex Camille, so when he has to go Travis and Abby's marriage ceremony and has to take Liis as a back up things get all messed up. Will Thomas get over Camille? Will Liss' own promise to not be involved with someone hold? Will Thomas bet for a second chance with Liis even if he's still in love with Camille?


Oh my god, I didn't expect it to be that good. I'm so surprised I'm laughing, I really am. I mean, Beautiful Oblivion didn't work for me at all and I was mad because I liked Camille and Trenton in the previous books to actually hate them in theirs. So yeah, I was so sure I'd hate this book too just by association but hell no.
Okay, let me get my stuff together.

When I first read Liis, it was okay, yeah, until she had sex with Thomas. Not becasue she did it but because she just started acting weird, like, trying to tell him she wasn't emotionally available which I thought it was stupid since it was just a one-night thing but then she definitely redeemed herself. She was strong, yet vulnerable with reasons to be afraid to engage in a relationship with someone so much like her. Her boss, on top of that. So, for me it was really a pleasure to read how Liis wasn't letting Thomas' crap get in her way. I love her, seriously.


Now, Thomas, dear boy... I got the hots for you, truly.
There were things I really loved about him I didn't know I was going to find, which made me want to read a book about the Maddox boys while being kids. Jamie, can I have that? Please?

My relationship with Thomas was a love-hate one. In one corner we have this caring Thomas. The Thomas who looks after Liis and is trying his damn best to take care of Travis and is as well still hurting over Camille and the hurt he caused to Trent is too killing him. Not to mention what his feelings towards Liis are doing to his mind; and in the other corner we have Thomas, the douchebag. The one who drives Liis insane, the jealous one, the asshole, the stubborn who thinks Camille walks on water and is still hurting over her. He was a living contradiction so I was so happy everytime Liis put him back in place.


I'm happy I read this book, it made my day. I was not expecting this at all and it's much better this way, I think. I laughed so hard while reading Thomas and Liis' back and forth, I got to read a bit of Travis and Abby, which is always great to me and I absolutely loved Val Taber and all these side characters. They were so much fun to read and I just got so curious about the twins and I want to read more about Thomas and Liis so I wouldn't mind at all having this book from Thomas' POV at all.

So I will leave you some quotes from my new girl, Liis. This bitch rocks.

“Do I seem weak to you?”
His brows pulled in. “Pardon?”
“Are you trying to undermine me?” I sat up. “Is that what your game is? I’ve been trying to figure all of this out. I guess it would look much better to make me seem whiny and incompetent than for you to just run me out on the rails.”
“What? No,” he said, looking genuinely confused.
“I can handle Sawyer. I can handle my newly appointed position. I am capable of running this squad. Is there anything else, sir?”

“You need to get one thing straight. I am not bossy. I’m the fucking boss.”

“I can shoot a target at eighty-five yards with a twenty-two pistol, I can take down an assailant twice my size, and I deal with your arrogant ass at least twice a day. I can handle Benny, the Yakuza, and Grove. I’m not Camille. I am an agent of the FBI, same as you, and you will respect me as such. Do you understand me?”

I lifted my chin. “I don’t have to be fair to you, Thomas. I just have to be fair to me.” I stood and took a step backward toward the door.

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Laura As you said: Once a Maddox girl, always a Maddox girl. (:

message 2: by Isa (new) - rated it 4 stars

Isa Thank you for the review! I'm so excited to read it now! I read some other reviews and was so disappointed at all the negativity since I like the other books so much, but your review just made me excited again!

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