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Nuclear Winter Wonderland by Joshua Corin
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Jul 02, 2010

really liked it

It's a little hard to believe that this is Joshua Corin's freshman effort. I got to know of this book thanks to the International Thriller Writers website. The first three chapters of this book are available as a free pdf download. Once I read those chapters, I knew I had to read the rest of the book as well.

The story revolves around a madman who captures the twin sister of the protagonist & dares the protagonist to capture him in 7 days or he'll bring the end of the world by unleashing a nuclear Armageddon. The protagonist, Adam Weiss, is a slightly unlikeable frat boy whose aspirations are related to electronic games, fun, and sex, and not necessarily in that order. Then he gets the shock of his life when his sister is captured along with his car, on the way to a funeral by a guy who happens to be crazy as well as armed with a nuclear bomb. The madman proclaims that the bomb will be set off if Adam doesn't find him in time.

Adam meets a short old guy who also happens to be connected with mob and a Croatian female clown who only speaks Spanish. From this outlandish premise the story shoots off onto various locations as Adam along with Filbert the dwarf enforcer & Cherry Sundae the clown, tries to figure out who kidnapped Adam's sister & also try to avoid the police due to various happenings you will read about.

All the events in the book are seen through Adam as he is the novel's unwilling protagonist though I think it would have been funnier if we could have gotten POVs from Filbert or Cherry too.

"Nuclear Winter Wonderland" is a little hard to classify as it has elements of comedic fiction as well as thriller fiction. It almost seems like a Quentin Tarantino movie with quirkier characters & funnier situations. The prose is smooth though a bit amateurish in places. The story is very fast paced and starts zooming from the 4-5th chapter as things start unravelling for Adam. He loses his sister, gains 2 unlikely allies of which 1 can barely understand him and vice-versa. He then is taken to various places such as Philadelphia, Las Vegas where the origins of his comrades are explained though what is truly happening is only understood only in the 2nd half of the book. The story ends on a strong climax which is apt for this tale & lives up to its quirky buildup.

In the end I would sincerely recommend this book to readers who are looking for a fun read with an engaging storyline as well.

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