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The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch
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really liked it

Hello my dears, is it a mentally decapitating book you wish to read? (Pun intended)
Come, come right this way.............

This book is exactly what you're looking for, IF you're looking for a fantasy riddled, ruthless, enigmatic piece of art. This book was that, and so much more.

This book is around 700 pages with apt descriptions and precise detailing. It revolves around an orphan thief (because that's the best kind), whose world is changed when a plague riddled village is left with its only unaffected survivors. Based on the synopsis and the limited knowledge I had of this book before I picked it up, I assumed locke's thieving life will begin after he is taken into the custody of the thief lord, but boy was I mistaken. Locke is the story of a boy who has long before the story begins, been selected or better yet said; chosen for a life as a thief. Ironically a decent thief.

You see the reason this book deserves praise isn't the fastidious writing or plotting, it's the way the author has taken a heinous act such as stealing and transformed it into an art, and better yet made us absolutely love the so called artist. Its a mixture of tragic circumstances and incredible wit, with a touch of unbidden morality that makes his protagonist who he is. I guess it's always the way one person stands out as extraordinary that makes heads turn their way, and emotions ebb and flow. But perhaps my favorite thing was the fact that he wasn't invincible, he was smart, but not impossibly so. I guess I just fell in love with Locke from the beginning, he was just so imperfectly perfect. There is a renown sense of honesty to him, making him lovable.

The book moves back and forth, between different events in different settings and time spans. Keeping up with the flow proved to be a little difficult at first, because of all the names and places and people, and this jumping from here to there didn't help much either. But truly once you get into the flow of the book, which takes about 50 or so pages, you just sink, and keep going deeper and deeper. I personally adored the touches from locke's childhood and his learning, but it wasn't just about him. The book has a way of keeping you guessing, not just about what happens next, but also about who plays what role, and who truly matters. Although I give fair warning, this books is no happily ever after, and definitely not romance riddled. There are characters mentioned all through out, but have yet to be introduced, I personally want to meet locke's lost love sooner rather than later, but that has yet to happen.

Like I said before, the book doesn't revolve solely around one person, regardless of the fact that he is the main protagonist. Some parts shocked me to the core, and way too many characters were lost is a short span. Nascza was my first stab to the gut, then came bug, the twin priests, and all the others that just kept adding to the pile. I particularly mourned Bug. That was so not okay Mr.lynch, so not okay!

But regardless of the gut stabbing pain, the book was a thrill, and excellently written. It was my first time reading anything of lynchs work, and I dare say I was impressed. Although his vividly descriptive writing takes some getting used to. Can wait to read the second book!!!
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Nageen OOH yes, this book is exactly like that. So is the 3rd.

Hannah Greendale Same!

Dorreh I really did enjoy it!

message 4: by *eKa* (new) - added it

*eKa* Great review, Dorreh :D

Nageen You read the 3rd book and then let me know how you feel about Locke. He is complex !!!!

Dorreh Please please please no spoilers, I can't, just can't!

Dorreh Thanks eka!

Josen Great review Dorreh!

message 9: by PorshaJo (new) - added it

PorshaJo Great review!

Nageen No No never spoilers. Just read them man, so unputdownable!!!

Dorreh Thank you Josen!

Dorreh Thanks porsha!

Dorreh OMG I hope it stays amazing nageen!

message 14: by Alafiya (new)

Alafiya Great review. :)

Dorreh Thank you alafiya ❤️

message 16: by Candace (new)

Candace Terrific review, Dorreh! :)

Dorreh Thank you Candace

C-shaw Thanks for your review, Dorreh. Ordering it right away!

Dorreh I hope you like it!

Abubakar Mehdi loved it.

Dorreh Thanks!

C-shaw Oh, golly, looking forward to reading it, even if it sounds like a long, scary Dickens-on-steroids. I bought it and it's idling away on my Kindle, but I must finish about six others in the line-up (library books due soon! halfway through three other very good books!) before I can get to it. All these rave reviews keep amping up my anticipation.

Dorreh It is achingly long, but intriguingly so! I really did love it, not so much with the second book, but it was entertaining all the same!

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Bibi Lol...great review Dorreh!

Dorreh Thanks bibi!

Mayim de Vries Do you know, I actually loved that we never meet Sabetha. The hate me but love me romance and the slow burn has its appeal. It is also part of the design I guess, some motifs will only be played out later in the series (I hope!)

Dorreh Yes I guess it is a truly enticing aspect!

message 28: by Nazanin (new)

Nazanin Terrific review, babe! Glad you enjoyed! xoxo

message 29: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen Great review, Dorreh!

Dorreh Thank you nazanin!

Dorreh Thanks Kathleen!

message 32: by Jash (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jash Ghedia NO SPOILERS!! please hide it

message 33: by Tiffany (new) - added it

Tiffany Ah! You had a good review but you have spoilers so you should hide it! I'm a little upset that I know who's going to die now.

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