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True Believer by Nicholas Sparks
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Dec 24, 2007

it was amazing

** spoiler alert ** This book was a great book. I just finished it a couple hours ago and it was so good. I sort of predicted that two of the main characters who started out as complete strangers would end up falling in love. The basic storyline is about a man in his 30's named Jeremy Marsh who goes to Boone Creek, North Carolina to solve a mystery. People have reported seeing strange 'lights' in the town cemetery that have been unexplained. Doris, one of the residents of the town, sends a letter to Jeremy asking him to come to their town to try and figure out where they were coming from. As an investigative journalist, it was his job to expose frauds, solve mysteries, and write about them afterwards. Having been married and divorced before, Jeremy had no intention of looking for love on his trip from New York to North Carolina. He meets many of the townspeople, mostly people who work at the restaurants, gas stations, and most importantly, the town library. Jeremy spends a lot of time with the librarian, asking her for help and where he might find useful books or diaries that would help him with his research. He and the librarian become friends and begin spending a lot of time together, while jealous Rodney, a police officer, watches with a close eye, curious whenever the two go off somewhere together or show up together at a town event. Although Lexie, the librarian, and Rodney never really had a steady relationship, he asked her several times to go to dinner and things like that and she always said yes. But, ever since Jeremy came into town, he's been taking up most of her time. He learns a lot about her past, her parents, how they died, her grandparents, and a little bit about where she grew up and her childhood. When things started getting too serious for Lexie, who had been hurt more than once by men passing through, she ran away to a cottage she talked to Jeremy about, leaving only a vague note for him to read at the library. Fortunately for him, Jeremy remembered almost everything Lexie had told him, and it didn't take him long to figure out where Lexie had gone to. In the end, they fall in love, but Jeremy still has to go back to New York. With a sad good-bye and little thoughts besides Lexie running through his mind on the way home, Jeremy was only in his apartment for a few days before Lexie's grandmother, Doris, surprised him and showed up at his door. She told him that Lexie had lied about going to marry Rodney so that she wouldn't lie awake at night wondering why Jeremy never came back for her. Jeremy decided that he loved her and that he simply could not imagine a life without her, so he took a plane to North Carolina to be with Lexie. Doris was on the same plane with him and he left the terminal with her, driving Doris home in her car and then borrowing it to search the town for Lexie. After looking everywhere, he realized where she was. Jeremy was right, and he found her at her parents' grave in the Boone Creek Cemetery. Jeremy ended up buying a house there, one that Lexie helped him pick out. The book ends with a little miracle, one in which Jeremy was told and convinced would never happen due to biological reasons. And you'll have to read the book to figure out what happens. =]
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Carrie Holder Have you considered writing for Cliff Notes?

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Loislizzle!! Is the beginning slow,or is it interesting?

Carrie Holder It's slow.

Dallas Guevara It is slow, but eventually picks up.

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