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Bonds of Justice by Nalini Singh
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Jul 01, 2010

it was amazing

Bonds of Justice by Nalini Singh
Paranormal Romance- July 6th, 2010
4 1/2 stars

Bonds of Justice has everything! Mystery, high tension, sexy characters and startling imagination make this a book you won’t want to stop. Nalini Singh’s lasted Psy installment is a worthy new addition to this groundbreaking series filled with high tension and charismatic characters. If you haven’t read this series I would suggest starting with the first book Slave to Sensation because although the author's writing is very clear and easy to read many characters from previous books return and play integral parts that build upon this story’s plot.

In Body of Justice we are introduced to the J Psy or Justice Psy. They are rare and unfortunately deemed as expendable. Used by the Psy until they become a risk to society. The J are valuable because they can retrieve memories from criminals and these memories can be used in court to convict. However, having these abilities, is a steep price to pay. When Js take on the memories of the killers’ sick and twisted minds it slowly begins to degrade their mental shields. If their shields collapse it results in their mental breakdown and they become a danger to the public. Before this happens they are 'reconditioned’ to strengthen their shields. But there is a limit to how much reconditioning can help and when treatment is no longer viable, J Psys are 'rehabilitated.' A kind word for being mentally wiped clean and essential turned into living vegetables. Unfortunately, there is no way out except for the Js to commit suicide. Even if they wanted to find another job because their skills are so rare once they are discovered as a J no one will hire them as anything else.

Sophia Russo is a J Psy and she knows her time is coming. She can feel her shields fading and soon her mind will no longer be stable enough to hold against the nightmares that she constantly retrieves from the sociopaths she investigates. But she is determined to finish her last case with a serial killer who loves playing games. He is obsessed with Sophia but she knows she must try to hold out. She is driven to discover where he has hidden the bodies of the women he has killed. Resigned to her fate, Sophia contemplates suicide but she is surprised when she is assigned yet another case involving the handsome and elusive human, Detective Max Shannon.

Max is a cop with a terrible past. He has never let himself be open in any relationship but he recognizes in Sophia a kindred spirit. He is very attracted to her and determined to make her his own. He counts himself lucky when he discovers that he and Sophia are placed on an important case together. They are tasked with discovering why a high placed Psy Councilor's staff is being systematically murdered and how. Max knows his time together with Sophia is perfect to lay his claim and break down her cold Psy walls. But he is shocked and tormented when he discovers Sophia is living on borrowed time. And to make matters worse the emotions and desire he has been trying to evoke in her will only cause her deterioration sooner. Can they find the killer in time? How can they have a relationship if Sophia collapses?

This was a very emotional and gripping book. I found tears in my eyes several times as I realized Max and Sophia’s time together were numbered. Both their backgrounds are tragic since both were abandoned as children by their parents. Sophia because she was 'flawed' and Max because his mother hated him and abused him. They find in each other a true connection that was a very poignant read. But this book was also exciting as Sophia and Max struggle to find out who is behind the murders of the Councilor's closest employees. Plus Sophia's previous case keeps interrupting their investigation and adds further tension as the sociopath becomes obsessed with her.

Bonds of Justice is another hit from Nalini Singh and sure to please her fans and any paranormal reader who loves a first-rate story and sizzling romance!

Reviewed by Steph from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club

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