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Between Heaven & Hell by L.M. Brown
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4 star review by Roberta

I love a good menage, let’s get that out of the way first. I love the idea of bringing 3 personalities into a relationship and seeing how they make it work. I love the idea of being able to love more than one person in an intimate relationship and it being normal. I really like that. This book brought 3 men together and let them deal with the jealousies and uncertainty that comes with being in a triad. I love the fact that this book is between a demon, angel and human. How is this going to work?

Tristan is the human in this triad. He’s this really good guy who is tired of the hook-ups and one night stands. He wants more for himself. He has his best friend and sometimes hook up, Lawrence, but he wants something more. More permanent. More real. Tristian is an out of work construction manager who is just trying to make his way in the world. Tristan lives a lonely life and with just Lawrence as his only friend, he is just surviving. I liked that Tristan showed his insecurities about being in a menage. He wondered if he could do it. I liked how he once he made up his mind, how he threw himself into this relationship. I liked that he wasn’t always right and he had to make up for his mistakes.

Alastor is the demon in this relationship. Alastor knows that he was human and that he spent time in Hell. He doesn’t remember his human life, as your memories are wiped away when you become a demon, but he knows that whatever he was like as a human, he wasn’t good. Alastor has come to believe over the many long years that he’s been a demon that demons don’t love. He’s been attracted to Mac almost from the moment he saw him on the battlefield and yet, it’s thought to be forbidden for angels and demons to have a relationship. So, when he sees Mac take Tristan home, he’s kinda jealous, but more turned on. Alastor hooks up with Tristan a year later and finds that he really likes him. Alastor doesn’t realize that even being a demon, he’s got some really good qualities. He’s loyal and kind and so very giving. I really liked his character the most. I felt more for him.

Mac is the angel in this relationship. Mac is the one night stand kind of guy. He knows that it’s hard to form relationships with humans as their life spans are so very short compared to his. Mac is the quintessential good guy. He’s loyal and kind. He was a healer in his mortal life and that’s the job that he has as an angel. Mac has been attracted to Alastor for years, but that pesky rule about dating demons has held him back. He didn’t think that anyone could hold his interest until Tristan came along. He comes to this relationship with only the sincerest hope that it can work. That he can have Tristan and Alastor.

I liked that these guys all struggled with jealousy. It showed that they each MC wanted to mean as much to the others as they did for them. It was really great to see that these guys each had a chance to grow and learn. That at some point, they had to realize their own worth. That they did in fact matter to each person. I liked that they all wanted to stand at the plate and love and protect each other.

Now, Lawrence…the pseudo best friend….what a jackass!! You’ll know when you read about him…just what a jackass he is!! I’m so glad that I was right. He’s good at what he does and that kind of ego goes to the head. It definitely did with him!! I loved the Demon King and the Archangels. I loved seeing the way that they thought. What their agendas were and how they were going to make it happen. I loved the ego of the Demon King. He was ruler of all and he was going to get his way.

Now, I’ll let you know that there was a fair amount of sex in this book. I just wanted you to know so you won’t be surprised. I will say that it never felt gratuitous. The intimate scenes showed that not only were these guys attracted to each other, but that they loved each other. Now, it wasn’t only sex that bound them, there were true emotions involved. They showed that throughout the entire story.

I liked that the book ended on a cliffhanger. I was really taken in with these characters and I want their lives to be AMAZING Together. I liked that Tristan still had that wonderful heart and wanted his guys. I loved that Mac found that he could have a relationship. That Alastor found that he could love and do it truly and deeply. I fear for my guys…there are those who would seek to destroy them and I KNOW that their HEA isn’t going to happen easily. They are going to work for it. However, I’ll be along for the ride. I’m truly invested in them and will ride out their journey and see what happens.

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