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Demon Blood by Meljean Brook
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Jun 30, 2010

really liked it
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Read 2 times. Last read June 29, 2010.

Guardian Rosalia and Vampire Deacon take center stage in Demon’s Blood, MelJean Brook’s sixth entry in her excellent Guardians series, as the battle between good and evil is threatening the destruction of the vampire communities of the world and the Guardians, their numbers dwindling, seek to protect the humans from a powerful insane immortal player who may very well wipe out Humanity in her efforts to save humans from themselves.

Deacon and Rosalia both had significant roles in the last book, Demon Forged, (which can’t be summarized without revealing spoilers) but the pair actually have even more of a history than Deacon realizes. An encounter which occurred during Deacon’s human lifetime, significant to Rosalia but one which Deacon can’t even recall, has caused Rosalia to watch over Deacon ever since and – unknown to Deacon – Rosalia has occasionally stepped in to protect Deacon or to set him on a happier path. Rosalia’s admired how Deacon has come through setbacks in the past, even ones which wounded his spirit, and has still remained a good man. Now it remains to be seen if Deacon can survive the betrayal and loss which are now at the core of his being when his plan for dealing with his pain is a suicidal mission of revenge fueled by his self-destructive anger.

Both of the leads have suffered a great deal of loss and both losses are tinged by guilt. Rosalia has lost just as much as Deacon and though she’s protective of everyone she’s cared for she’s had no one to take care of her. But where Deacon is a fighter striking out with his anger much as he did with his fists when a loss of faith turned him from ship’s Deacon to boxer during his human days, Rosalia holds on to her faith. But now instead of praying and hoping for the best, Rosalia is acting on that faith. The result of Rosalia’s move to protect humans from both Belial’s demons and Anaria and the nephilim is really incredible and this background plot, which is doled out slowly over the course of the book, makes Demon’s Blood so much more than a paranormal romance. Rosalia’s intelligence and understanding of the natures of her friends and enemies and the way that she manages to put all of the pieces into play for the big conflict is really wonderful.

From a romance standpoint Demon’s Blood is one of the more difficult relationships of Brook’s Guardian parings. There is a great deal of emotional intensity to Rosalia and Deacon’s interactions but rarely in Demon’s Blood do we have the opportunity to bask in the afterglow since moments of intimacy or passion between Rosalia and Deacon are often followed by anger, hurt and rejection - Deacon has just too much baggage for sweet and romantic. The language is also coarser than in previous books, this is a reflection of Deacon’s personality, he’s dangerous and although Deacon is intelligent, he’s rough, quick to act and lives in the moment.

On my first read through I wasn’t sure if Deacon was really worth it, Rosalia puts up with way too many rejections and harsh words from Deacon in order to steal a few moments of happiness for herself but on thinking on it a bit more I realized that Rosalia and Deacon really both share that sense of unworthiness, neither really believe that they deserve to be loved, fortunately Rosalia clues in on this midway through the story and doesn’t put up with less than she deserves – and on the second read, I decided that Deacon was what she deserved.

So the bottom line is that more fascinating and well developed characters, a really smart and satisfying plot, and only one small nit for series old timers - two straight info dumps to layout the Guardian world and its mythos - make Demon’s Blood another winner from Brook. And Good news for us fans, Brook has the go ahead to finish up the series with “DEMON MARKED in August 2011, a novella in the Angels of Darkness anthology in October 2011, and Michael’s book in 2012”.

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Catherine Do you know who the main characters in Demon Marked are going to be?

The answer is here, Brook thought it was mildly spoilerish so I didn't include it here, so just follow the link and search for Demon Marked on the page

Catherine I swear I must be having a moment. I cannot for the life of me remember who that guy is. I know the girl, of course, but the guy's name is just a blank. If you don't want to include spoilers will you pm me with the reminder of who he is? Thanks!

Lisa - (Aussie Girl) Really liked this one also. I actually liked the info recap early in the book, I can never remember all the details. I also liked the story concentrating on Deacon and Rosalia, who are now one of my favourite couples in this series. I gave it 4.5, and if Sir Pup would have been included it would have been 5 stars.

With only two more books and a novella to go, I'm really looking forward to seeing how its all going to pan out.

Melindeeloo Lisa, I am so glad you liked it there aren't to many Brook fangirls(and guys) on the forum. I am off to read the novella right now.

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