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The Unimaginable by Dina Silver
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did not like it

Poorly written and poorly paced, this is a trite, cliched romance you're better off avoiding.

After her mother's death, Jessica leaves her home in small-town Indiana and moves to Thailand to become a teacher. There, she meets a sailboat captain named Grant, very predictably falls in love with him, and spends about 10 pages in danger before everything is fine again.

As you can probably already tell, I really didn't like this book. For a book that starts out as this woman's journey to expand her horizons, once she meets the guy, her horizons narrow to only include him. Her jobs, her relationships with other people - they are all but forgotten. "All I thought of was you. I don't remember anything else in my life mattering to me. My friends, my family, my jobs - none of it mattered." I can't deal with a book where that's the main character's attitude towards her family and her other responsibilities.

So really, this is a typical, trashy romance novel. But it's not even a fun, guilty-pleasure type of romance novel. The characters are dull and forgettable. And while they are supposedly adults, everyone acts like they're 15. The writing is full of meaningless hyperbole - "I'd never felt this way about anyone before" or "he meant everything to me." The pacing is horrible. My kindle told me I was 57% done with the book when the plot actually started. The first 57% is Jessica mooning over the guy, then there's maybe 10% of actual plot and conflict, and then another 33% of her mooning again.

And what drove me most crazy was how things would happen because it was convenient for the story, not because it made any sense in the real world. Jessica starts a new job as a teacher and after 4 months, is given 4 weeks of vacation in the middle of the school year. 4 weeks! In the middle of the school year! At most places, you'd be lucky to get 4 weeks of vacation after working for a year, not a handful of months. But Jessica gets it because the plot needs her to go on this trip with Grant. Likewise, she can only go on a different trip to Bangkok if her friend will cover her at the bar where she works. Said friend was also invited on the Bangkok trip but declined because she had family visiting. So this friend couldn't go to Bangkok because she was too busy, but she can work double-shifts to cover Jessica? And why is that? Oh, because the plot needs Jessica to have some bonding time with Grant.

The worst example of this is Jessica working as a crew member during a long sailing trip with Grant across the Indian Ocean through rough waters infested with pirates. Jessica must have years of sailing experience to get that gig, right? Wrong! She's never sailed at all! But despite the continuous emphasis on how dangerous this voyage is, she's hired as a crew member. It's completely nonsensical and completely unrealistic.

I rolled my eyes at least a dozen times while reading this book. It's mediocre if you're being generous, with a ridiculous plot and a predictable romance. I'll leave you with a few choice quotes, which I think speak for themselves as to the quality of this book:

"He smelled regal and damp and solid. Like Poseidon, king of the sea."

"Not many men could make sipping tea and sitting cross-legged look as manly as he did."

"We embraced as though nothing could come between us. Not even water."

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