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Overflow by Brynne Asher
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I'm giving this a 3 star rating, but if it had had some polishing done to it, it could have been a 4. There were repetitive phrases and more details about chandeliers and countertops than about actual relationship-building between the M/C' s. Also, the author did a lot of "flashback" stuff that made the flow weird. The heroine would be talking to a friend, then internally back the story up a few days, then bring us back to the present conversation with the friend, picking up where they left off 10 pages back.

I did like the fact that this was dual-pov, though I would have enjoyed more from the hero, Jude, and also more substance to have been in his POV. He stayed kind of 2-dimensional for the bulk of the book. The family was a hoot, I loved their friends and I'm actually really looking forward to book 2.

The last third of the book seemed to ratchet up in quality, in my opinion and I ended it happy, satisfied and raring for Tony' s story. I think that as the author's writing progresses, the flow will improve and the characters and their relationships will seem fuller and richer.
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50.0% "The author has the characters "muttering" a lot. It makes me imagine they are annoyed or complaining but they're not. Definition "1:to utter sounds or words indistinctly or with a low voice and with the lips partly closed. 2 :to murmur complainingly or angrily :grumble". Sometimes it's okay to just say "...,he said.""
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60.0% "I really hope that from here on out, there's more interaction and connecting between these two. And hopefully more information about Jude-something besides how possessive and protective her feels about Gabrielle. I know more about her stupid decorating than I do about Jude."
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Janey I hate flashbacks!, doesn't take much for me to get confused!!

McGee Magoo It sucks when the friend will ask a question, then the heroine will regress the story for 10 pages then when they come back to the present, she answers the question-- the question I can't remember, lol. The last 1/3 of the book was much better about all of that. Like her writing had matured a bit by that time. I think it's probably the start of a really good series. I'm already really wanting cousin Tony' s book.

Janey Firstly, I'm glad your reviews are back!, I shall give it a go, I defer to your recommend as always. Hehe.

McGee Magoo I'm still working on my Kindle so I'm slow and I can't copy and paste from Flickr and this thing likes to autocorrect the strangest things-- so please forgive me if something makes ZERO sense. It's frustrating but I figure that I should get some thoughts down while it's fresh. I'm never going to remember by the time my desktop gets here. Plus, I'm thinking that I should be more consistent about doing reviews, especially where the freebies are concerned.
I think you will like this one. The heroine is cute and the hero is growly and possessive. There's some steam and sexy times, but doesn't come close to being erotica. I'm in agreement with whoever it was that compared this with Kristen Ashley. It's KA in a good way.

Janey I love my kindle but trying to type a review is murder!, the amount of times you have to hit backspace cause it's come up with some random rubbish, really frustrating, I do all my reviews on my iphone.

McGee Magoo Seriously, Kindle, I NEVER mean ADS! It's always ASS, that's how I roll, learn my ways!! Lol.

You'd think it would learn that I've typed the word "ass" 1,345,654 Times and the word "ads" 0. Odds are when I type a-s-s, that's what I mean. Oh and "ducking", nope, not what I mean.

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