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The Inexplicable Logic of My Life by Benjamin Alire Sáenz
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really liked it
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Well this was downright BEAUTIFUL. I love beautiful books omg. Look at that cover. And now just imagine the inside words being full of beautiful people who you kind of want to kidnap and force to be your BFF forever -- BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT THIS BOOK IS. I absolutely adored Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe and while I don't feel like The Inexplicable Logic of My Life lived up to it entirely??? It still did a fine job. A FINE JOB, SIR.

Okay first thing to shout about: IT HAS NO ROMANCE!! Sal's best friend is Sammy, but that's how they stay: best. friends. It was so ridiculously exciting to watch them get closer and still be platonic. LIKE JUST YAY FOR GIRLS AND GUYS WHO CAN BE PLATONIC FRIENDS??? Thank you, dear book, for having this message. (Equally important: I think it's okay not to find your OTP in highschool. Like not many people do. So this book gets A+ for realism.)

Sal's best friend, Sam, did bother me a little. She had this habit of being so self-righteous that I just wanted to glare fiercely over the taco I feel like eating right now. She often called Sal, "white boy" which, I mean, he was a white boy. But (A) she said it insultingly, and (B) it was kind of like putting barriers between her Mexicanness but also Sal's father's Mexicanness. And if he so clearly was unhappy with her saying that, why did she keep doing it? I loved their friendship and I LOVED her character development, but at the beginning she really grated on my nerves more than cheese gets grated for that taco I am not eating but wish to be.

Now, erm, I have to admit...it didn't have much plot. Maybe a small teaspoon. Because it's basically about Sal who's in his final year of highschool and going through THINGS. "What things, Cait?" you ask. WELL DUDE, I DON'T KNOW. TEENAGE BOY THINGS. It actually kind of irritated me how angsty the book was with not a lot of cause. Like, partially through, Sal's grandma starts dying of cancer, so he was having a hard time with that and I got that!! But he just randomly starts punching annoying people (I mean, fair, but still) and shutting off and just I DON'T REALLY UNDERSTAND. I would've liked more of a complex and engaging plot... instead of Sal + last year of school + feeling angsty + eating tacos.

But God bless how many tacos and tortillas were in this book. Food in books gives me life. (Actually it gives me hunger pains and I need a taco gosh darnit.)

Also the diversity is obviously A+. Although I was surprised that Sal, our protagonist, was white and straight? (I mean, I wonder if he was asexual, but it's not canon so I shalt shut mine mouth.) But he's been adopted by a gay Mexican father and his friends are all Mexican and he identifies as a Mexican because that's how he's been raised. I REALLY LOVED IT AND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.

Speaking of beautiful...Sal's father is a FREAKING BEAUTIFUL PERSON. Like he cared! He was kind! He was a DAD to anyone who needed it! He ends up "adopting" Sal's friends when they are in trouble! He plays catch with his kids and he doesn't smother them and he loves Sal like nothing else and OMG LIKE A+ PARENTING RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW. I really loved how the book talked a lot about what it is to be a good person and it made my bigger little mouldy tortilla heart beat faster.

• one of the biggest disappointments of his life was getting sick at Thanksgiving and missing out on delicious special desserts #relatable
• he loves his friends so much he'll punch other people if they hurt them
• he CRIES because MEN CRY
• he and his BFF text while they're sitting right next to each other and it's kind of adorable
• he shares his dog with his friend when they're sad
• he sometimes wonders about what his life would've been like if he hadn't been adopted but otherwise he 10000% LOVES HIS FATHER AND IT'S PRECIOUS
• he ends up having this EPIC trio of friends with Sam + him + Fito = squad goals

• Sal and Sam use "text language" and itwas not only dumb it was indecipherable. WOULD IT KILL YOU TO STUMBLE TO THE VERY END OF A VERY SMALL WORD.
• I really hate that their names were "Sal" and "Sam". Too similar!! At least it was told in 1st person but don't expect my brain with its mild-dyslexic-tendencies to not make a mess of things
• where was the plot

ALL IN ALL: I loved it! I mean, I have some quibbles, but that's because (A) I'm a fussy eater, and (B) I have quibbles in my reviews for the sheer joy of saying the word quibble. (Like, seriously, take a moment to enjoy that word. #nice) But Sal was just ADORABLE AND I LOVED HIM and I related to him a lot and suuuuure, he got angsty. But what teen doesn't?!? I did! (Briefly. Because #Vulcan.) And the friendship levels and emphasis was pure golden and omg it is getting A STAR just for that.

By all rights I should take away a star for how INSUFFERABLY HUNGRY I AM FOR TACOS RIGHT NOW but I won't because I'm somewhat reasonable. Please though. I need a taco.

*** QUOTES ***
NOTE: quotes are taking from an eARC and are subject to change. Don't re-quote or use them anywhere until you check them against the final copy!

Maybe I needed Sam because being around her made me feel more alive. Maybe that didn't seem logical, but maybe the thing we called logic was overrated.

On another day, I might have cried. But I was still to mad to cry. Dad always said that there was nothing wrong with crying and that if people did more of it, well then, the world would be a better place.

"But, see, it's not where I come from that matters -- it's where I'm going."

Before I nodded off, I thought about what my dad had said -- that life wasn't all nice and neat like a book, and life didn't have a plot filled with characters who said intelligent and beautiful things. But he wasn't right about that. See, my dad said intelligent and beautiful things. And he was real. He was the most real thing in the entire world. So why couldn't I be like him?

"Looks aren't so important."
"That's right." She held my face in her hands as she'd done so many times before. "Everyone is beautiful," she said.
"Not everyone," I said.
"Yes. Everyone."

And I couldn't stand anyone calling me a white boy because I belonged to a family, and when they called me that all I heard was that I did not belong to them. And I did belong to them, and I wasn't going to let anybody tell me otherwise.
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Kate Foley Eeee, I'm so excited for this book after having read Ari and Dante and LOVED it!!

message 2: by Portia (new) - added it

Portia YAY! I may pick this up someday.

C.G. Drews @Portia: It's totally worth it!!

message 4: by Christine (new) - added it

Christine Great, now I want tacos.

Emily Mead HOW DID I MISS THAT YOU READ THIS??? SO EXCITED omgggg. Although text language, ugh. Did he not read my blog post :')

C.G. Drews @Emily: CLEARLY NOT. Which is ludicrous that someone could skip reading your blog post. *shakes head sadly*

message 7: by Kaylin (new) - added it

Kaylin (The Re-Read Queen) AHH. I am so hyped for this. Why isn't it in my hands NOW.

message 8: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa Stunning review, Cait! Glad you loved! ;)

C.G. Drews @Kaylin: I HOPE YOU GET IT SOON!!

@Alyssa: Thank you!!

message 10: by Robyn (new)

Robyn The cover! Sooooo pretty.

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