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Bad Behavior by Mary Gaitskill
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After reading entirely too many phalocentric books recently I’ve decided to commence my “I am woman HEAR ME ROAR” summer and read only female writers for the next three months.

I’m on my sixth female writer and so far I’ve encountered “Why roar when the man will take credit for it anyway?”, “What’s the point of roaring when no one pays attention to me anyway?”, “I’d roar if the men would do something for me”, “Ro..., wait never mind.” and “All men want is open legs and closed mouths”. I’m still in need of my female empowering reading!! I’ve read great books written by great women but I still need that ROAR with out the neuroses that come with it.

I know many powerful women on this site can help me out. and a couple men secure in their own masculinity to admit they like a good female empowering non-chick lit read.
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Weinz What a condescending and patronizing comment from yet another phalocentric testosterone fueled male.

message 2: by David (new)



message 3: by D. (new)

D. Pow Best T-Shirt ever!

Weinz I think if I had that t-shirt I wouldn't need to read another feminist book.

Jessica Gaitskill is good. really good, most of the time.

message 7: by Kimley (last edited Jul 07, 2010 11:57AM) (new)

Kimley You go, girl!

I tried reading this book back when I was a grad student at NYU and it just seemed to be trying too hard, wanting so much to be cool and all. It was so East Village... But a lot of my friends really love her so I think I need to give her another shot now that I'm over my hatred of pretentious NYU grad students living in the East Village.

Jessica She's uneven. I really didn't think much of Veronica, her newest novel, but some of her newer stories are really stunners.
I haven't revisited this collection in years tho--

Weinz I can see your point Kimley. At times it seems like she is trying to up her shock value. At the same time she creates these unconventional female characters with a myriad of neuroses but that are easily identifiable and fabulous to read.

or maybe it is just that I am a tad neurotic?

message 10: by Maiden Aunt (new)

Maiden Aunt Oh, I'd scold you young ladies if I could!

(But, alas, I can't. I'm feeling frisky myself, you see....)

Jessica Maiden Aunt! you're back!

where, oh where, have you been??

Jessica and what's this new feeling of friskiness, pray tell?

Weinz I think she's been spanking school children again.

message 14: by Moira (new)

Moira Russell Golden Notebook is my go-to recommendation for stuff like this....altho it's like a thousand years old. //thinks

message 15: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra I was just going to recommend Golden Notebook! Also the entire Martha Quest series by Lessing.

Weinz Perfect! They are both going on the list. Thanks!

Jessica Michelle, I recommend Marguerite Duras...and Patricia Highsmith! What a combo! ;-)

Weinz Oh dear, I've been on Amazon restriction but I think I just took myself off.

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

More like you should be on progesterone restriction! LOL!

Weinz That was a good one, Kenneth. You're a quick wit, must be taking a little progesterone yourself.

message 21: by Marius (new)

Marius I've only read three of the books, but Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld series is pretty good. Mostly female leads, and strong, authentic ones. If you like "urban fantasy" or whatever they call it, you might like it. It's kind of in the vicinity of "paranormal romance" at times, but nothing like Twilight.

message 22: by William (new) - added it

William Wenge-Murphy "Stop writing about reality. Write about misandric fantasies". Typical modern feminism.

message 23: by Marius (new)

Marius What's wrong with misandric fantasies?

message 24: by Alex (new) - rated it 3 stars

Alex Hi, I wonder if you might like to check out my new hardcore metal band, Misandric Fantasies, that I just started thirty seconds ago in my imagination.

...what was I talking about? Oh, right - you've read Dorothy Parker, right? And Flannery O'Connor?

message 25: by [deleted user] (new)

phalocentric...the blabbering of the undergrad...

message 26: by Weinz (last edited Apr 08, 2014 05:46PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Weinz I haven't been an undergrad for over ten years.

.... ramblings of the presumptuous insecure underpaid MFA.

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