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Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay
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Jun 27, 2010

really liked it

Overall I liked this book. It was engaging. It was revealing—I had never heard of the Vel' d'hiv, like many— just as the protagonist (Julia) pointed out many times.

I had trouble getting into the side-by-side story line. When I started the book, I thought I wouldn't like it based on the main character's story. I was engrossed by Sarah's story. She was interesting and her story had power. We get back to Julia's present day story, and it was slow going. The way the author built her character was weak. I didn't like her, she was too uppity about living in France, and pointing out all the things wrong with France, all the things wrong with America. I felt it was just not necessary—just the author maybe throwing out her tidbits, but when I look at the story overall—it really just was out of place. A bit pretentious. But then we get into the actual story and it gets more and more interesting. It's as though, once the author got that off her chest, she actually had a good story coming. I just think she could have left that out entirely—it downgrades the book.

So, once I got past the first part of the book and delved deeper into Julia's story, I found it much more interesting. Sarah's story was strong and devastatingly sad. And the intermingling of their lives was really pulled together by the end. And here's where the author starts losing it again. At the end of the book, she seemed to just draw things out too long. By the last quarter of the book, I was pretty aware of where she was going with it, and just wanted her to wrap things up.

But, this is all not to say that it wasn't a good book. It was. I found the topic important and interesting. Her method of weaving the stories together strengthened the book. She also did a really good job of building Sarah and her life. Obviously the woman did her research. There were several really impressive emotionally charged parts—where she did a great job of connecting with the reader and human spirit.

I would definitely recommend reading this.

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