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Hero Tales, Vol. 2 by Hiromu Arakawa
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Jun 25, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: manga

I'm enjoying this one. Taitou, Laila, Ryuukou & Housei end up at Housei's master's home, a woman he refers to as an old devil woman. Granted she is older than he is, at tops 30, Kouei is a gorgeous woman who seems to be a tad enthusiastic in her affections (think Armstrong with Riza's looks). Kouei is known as the font of wisdom. She has an amazing library and she knows tricks to manipulate ki. She tries to teach Taitou to master his star before it destroys his whole body. We also learn secrets about Taitou and Ryuukou's childhood and what Kouei predicts for Laila's future.

In the background, we also see the emperor who is just a boy Taitou's age or maybe even younger being manipulated by power hungry adults and woefully ignorant of the ruin they're causing and the horrible treatment of the poor and refugees. Naturally, at some point the completely impulsive Taitou and the emperor are bound to cross paths. I do like this manga. It's not quite up to Fullmetal Alchemist's standards but Zhou's story telling is good and Arakawa's art is good as always. Taitou is a tad too impulsive and violent for my tastes but that is part of what he needs to overcome in order to be the hero so it works. He's like Edward Elric with less impulse control and less educated (or perhaps just not quite as bright). Sadly, in looking for the publishing dates for the next few books, Amazon had a huge spoiler right in the product blurb. Thanks for nothing.


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