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really liked it
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Well, that was downright excellent. I AM SO PLEASED! If you read my review of Dorothy Must Die, you'll know I confessed to being wary of this series for, um...TWELVE WHOLE MONTHS. Gah! Why did I avoid it?! What was going on in my scrambled little brain?! This series is glorious and I love the sequel just as much as the first!

We've already been introduced to the creepy masterpiece that is Oz...so now we get to go in deeper. There is a LOT of world-exploring here! New characters and new settings. YAAAAY. Again, it reminds me of Splintered, because it takes little snippets from the original tale and just explodes them into something else. I LOVE IT. It's so imaginative and creative! Just from having handkerchiefs that turn into tents, to having people explode in showers of glitter, to having beds that sort of cocoon and massage you (wantwantwant). It's rich and lush and so well written.

But, um, I don't ever want to go to Oz.

Sure Dorothy is on the run now, but things are just going CRAZY. I love how the book dabbled in grey areas of "who's wicked and who's wickeder?". (Yes "wickeder" is totally a word. Deal.) The Wicked Witches are supposed to be the good ones, but they do some dubious things, aaaand who is Amy supposed to trust?! IT IS CONFUSING AND GREAT TO READ ABOUT.

As always I love Amy. Her snark is a little more toned down in this one but a) she's freaking tired after always being on the run and cutting things with her shiny black knife, and b) she's stressed out. I missed the humour, but her internal monologue is amazing. Just the words she chooses and the similes?! It was always perfect. Until (view spoiler) died. OMG. I did not expect that...sadness. And it happened right off the bat too, like the death in book 1. SO YES. This author doesn't spare pain.

And also there's that little thing of AMY IS GETTING DARKER AND SCARIER. It's soooo incredible. I love it when characters cross to the dark side. I mean, she's trying not to cross, but pfft. Whatever. (view spoiler)


Mombi: Is a jerk and not very present.
Nox: I still feel "eh" about Nox and Amy's romance. It feels...unnecessary to me? Like it's just in there because that's a prerequisite of YA. It doesn't add to the story and they're always awkward when they're trying not to be friends and to actually kiss or whatnot. SO NAH I DON'T SHIP 'EM.
Ozma: She's a sweetie, and totally bonkers. Although this makes me sad, because Amy is super dismissive of her at first and only starts to care about Ozma when, since Dorothy isn't hoarding all the magic now, gets some of her power back. Don't be shallow, Amy, pleeeease. Of course Ozma is definitely a wild card and kinda scary.
Pete: I LOVE PETE. He's one of my TOP favourite characters of this book!! I love his gangly gawkiness and his sweetie attitude and his mysteriousness and secrets. (view spoiler)
Maude and Ollie: not really in the book...sadly.
Polychrome: SHE'S EXCELLENT. She's a bit kooky, kind of like a rainbow. She's like a vomit of colour, buuut, she's kind of got a creepy side too. Her boyfriend is pretty odd.
Dorothy: Again, she's barely in this book! SO MANY NEW CHARACTERS. So I found that exciting/refreshing, because there was new people to meet.
Lulu:Omg, she's a sassy character! She's a...monkey. And she just talks and talks and has such an attitude. LOVE HER. (Although she's like 95% annoying.)

Okay but there's ONE THING I didn't like in this book. It really really bothered me and it has to do with Pete and Amy. It's kind of a spoiler, but it doesn't give away the plot. It's more like a moral issue. So click-thee-if-thee-wants. (view spoiler)

Another thing I love about this book is how it's actually focused on action and adventure and creepiness. Sure there's a smidge of romance, but it's NOT the sole focus of the plot. The book never pauses everything to have a tense romance session. Everything flows! And I LOVE how most of the characters are girls. And they're not thinking 'bout boys, they're off killing witches and saving lives and murdering people. Fun times. :')

I'm DEFINITELY a huge fan of this series. I basically need book 3, um, RIGHT NOW. There is a wicked (har har, get it?! WICKED?!) cliffhanger and...I need to see how this ends up. There is literally so much to love in these books. I'm glad I read them fairly close together though, because book 2 takes off EXACTLY after book 1 ends.

I'm reeeeeally excited to see just how far in the dark side Amy goes.
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Sunny (A Sunny Spot) Just finished reading The Wicked Will Rise and this review captured it perfectly! I also had the exact same issues as it with you. Great review.

C.G. Drews Omg, I am so so pleased with it. ^-^ I can't wait for the last book now!

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Shanti I saw this in the library as an audio book. Do I have the time to listen to it? no yes

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Joyce Your review just made me more desperate! I'm so glad to hear that it's even more awesome! AAAHHH I seriously can't wait!!!

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