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Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
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Jun 25, 2010

it was ok
Read from July 13 to 17, 2010


Have any of you looked at the reviews for this book? Apparently everyone is really REALLY into this book.

Children.... this book.... ugs... this book.... sigh.... this book was hard to get through. Seriously. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to put it down, throw it against the wall, or have a bad feeling that if I rolled my eyes up into my head one more time they would stick up in my skull.

Okey dokey... Where to start?

How about the writing? Well, the main character's name is Bryn and she is 15 years old. THe writer on the author hand is some whipper snapper who is going to Yale. -- so, with that being said.... The 15 year old at times sounds like a 35 year old.

OH! And what is up with writer's now-a-days using the world 'palpable'? It seems to be popping up alll over the place in this book... and in every other book I read lately. Wow... I remember back in 2000-2002 when the word of the year was "Jaded" lolz. But curious.... what 15 year old USES that word? I never used it back then. COme to think of it... I never EVER use that word today.

When the author had our 15 year old (Bryn) talk all like 'totally!' and 'Yeah!' she chose some words that were just downright eye-rolly. Let's see... my least favorite was the word CHUNKY CHUNKS when she talked about fake vomit. UGS! and then there was the word MIND BUNNIES when I guess she needed some Focus Factor or something. I just didn't dig it.

- The Characters -

Bryn - She's the main character. Her Mommy and Daddy were killed by a rabid werewolf and she was taken in by the head honcho of a werewolf pack and ummm... raised by wolves. She's all Rough and tough and wants to be her own person and ummm... she bored me. I can't stand it when people go all "The Crow" on things and act like they are a bad ass and then fold into the person they are soooo in love with. UGS!! 15 year olds!! They don't act like that. AND!! I think you would kill today's teenager if you made her run 10 miles everyday. LOLZ. I'm just saying :)

Devon - Hmms... I hated this character most of all because the author didn't do one little thing... BRING HIM OUT OF THE CLOSET!! Ok... this big bad wolf (15 years old) is into Show Tunes, Belting out Broadway numbers, Quoting Dirty Dancing, Fashion, Plucking his eyebrows, jazz hands, I'm sure if they had cable he'd watch Glee, and Armani. Come on!! Seriously? Really? And they want us to believe that he's straight? Ummms..... hmmms..... Now, I'm not saying that if he's not straight - that that's a bad thing. NOES!! That would be awesome! But bring him out of the closet!! I got sooo sick and tired of having to try to believe that a boy werewolf would trim his eyebrows. Pa-lease!!

Lake - She a rough and tough, rootin tootin, gun-toting, mountain living girl werewolf. Ok... there ya go... There's my eyeroll.

Callum - Alpha Wolf - I really liked his character. I have to give the author some credit. She did him right ;)

Chase - This is how we got the story. HE is what the back cover is about. Chase got bit (as a human) by a rabid and now he's the mysterious stranger in the pack and Bryn is just going ga ga over him. He was also a good character. I especially lovered his wolf (see!! I'm not all negative nancy about this lolz)

- Story Line -

The plot for this could have gone quicker. Actually, I would have cut like 100 pages out of this. Crazy man!! IT just seemed to drag. I will admit that once you hit Page 200 you'll be glued no matter how many times you eye roll. The mystery of the story (cuz there has to be a mystery) is a good one. And the answer to it is interesting.

I just didn't see what all the hype was about. I had a hard time BELIEVING in the characters.

LOLZ... but with that being said - after I told my hubz this problem he said - But you don't have a problem in believing in werewolves? -

HAHS! Well, of course not!! Everyone knows that werewolves and supes are just as natural as bunnies and foxes in the woods ;)

So, kids... I don't recommend this book. I only recommend it if you want to know what all the hype is about. I enjoyed this book about as much as FALLEN. But I would be quite interested in knowing what a 15 year old teeny bopper thinks of this book.

I guess I'm still on my search for an awesome girl werewolf story ;)

-nothing to howl at -
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07/13/2010 page 14
3.0% "I must havebeen a dumb 15 year old... or just didn't have the vocab that teens have now-a-days. But I have never one walked off and harrumphed at someone. Me smells a wordsy author ;) -- has anyone read this yet?"
07/14/2010 page 71
16.0% "ok... just wait a darn tootin' minute, here. We have a teen BOY werewolf and the chick is talking about his GROOMED eyebrows? And he likes show tunes and broadway musicals and is quoting Dirty Dancing... is it possible that this is our first run-in w/ a gay werewolf? Or is the author really wanting us to believe this is natural for a guy? Up in the air about this book right now."
07/14/2010 page 136
31.0% "This book could be better but it's starting to get interesting. I just still think there is something wrong with a boy werewolf quoting broadway shows. -well not something wrong wrong but seriously... uhh.... why can't they just say what I want them to say? It would be a first lolz! Deven needs to come out of the closet lolz. He's not fooling me ;P"
07/16/2010 page 298
69.0% "The story is getting better but I'm still eye-rolling at some of the characters. I would be very curious to hear what a teen that isn't in her 30s would think of this book lolz" 2 comments

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message 1: by AH (new) - added it

AH Great review! Won't be adding this to the list anytime soon. Have you read Bitten by Kelley Armstrong. She writes good werewolves, adult style. She's one of my favorite authors - she also writes about half-demons, witches, and necromancers. But I love her weres the best.

Greta is Erikasbuddy ohhhhhh!! NICE!! I'll add that to my list :) Kresley Cole writes my fav adult weres but maybe I found a new fav :)

But yuppers!! This book was awful!! Me no likey! But I really really would like to hear someone else opinion on it. Maybe I was being too hard lolz.

message 3: by AH (new) - added it

AH Not going to get to it any time soon, I'm afraid. I'm reading an interesting biography of Bruce Kimmel. I won it on Goodreads. Is it ever entertaining. Hollywood was very different in the 70's. He is very funny.

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