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Boneshaker by Cherie Priest
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Jun 24, 2010

really liked it

This review pertains to the audiobook version

Thoughts on the story: Boneshaker is a steampunk rollercoaster. It takes you on quite an adventure through a minefield of “rotters” (zombies), pirates, mad scientists and an assortment of other bad guys and crazies all the while traveling through a poisonous atmosphere tainted with a contagion that will turn you into one of the mindless undead.

My only complaint about the book is that the “rotters” are basically your typical movie zombie but if possible a little dumber. I think the story would have been improved if the zombies were a little more intelligent or if they had developed better hunting strategies. Of course, if the zombies were more efficient killers they may have made it impossible for people to survive in the city for as long as they did..

One small zombie complaint aside, this book was very entertaining. There is peril on every side and you never really know who Zeke and Briar can trust. On top of that there is an underlying mystery that will have you guessing until the very end.

Thoughts on the audio production: This was the first audiobook I’ve listened to that was narrated by Wil Wheaton and only the second book I’ve listened to that was narrated by Kate Reading. (The other being “The Host” by Stephanie Meyer) I felt that both narrators put forth a wonderful performance. I did find myself wishing that the voice of Zeke could have been performed by Wil and the voice of Briar could have been performed by Kate throughout the entire novel. Instead, chapters were broken up between the two narrators. Throughout most of the book this strategy works really well since Briar and Zeke are rarely together. However, at the beginning and the end of the book when the two characters are together it feels a little weird to hear Zeke’s voice narrated by Kate instead of Wil. Other than this one small complaint the overall audio experience was excellent.

Overall: Not knowing what to expect from the genre and the author I found myself excited by both. It is always nice to find a new author to follow and doubly so to find an entire genre. Boneshaker delivered a great experience and I would highly recommend it to fans of the genre.

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