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Blood Song by Cat Adams
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Jun 24, 2010

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Blood Song, by Cat Adams

"Blood Song," featuring tough bodyguard Celia Graves, is the first in a new urban fantasy/paranormal series. Celia is at first a "vanilla" human - no magical abilities - but quickly becomes an abomination when a bodyguard gig goes horribly wrong.

Celia has to quickly learn to deal with her new existence as a cross between a vampire (bat) and a human; she has supernatural abilities such as quicker healing, but also weaknesses such as craving blood. If that wasn't enough, she's in danger from her sire, the vampire who turned her into an abom, and also under fire from a deadly demon. While Celia's willing to accept some help from her friends, she's also immensely stubborn and determined to do all she can on her own, especially when one of her friends supposedly commits suicide. Add in a world full of magic, vampires, werewolves, clairvoyants, militant priests, and an ex boyfriend, and you've got quite a mix.

I didn't quite like "Blood Song." The story was good enough, but I never fully identified with or liked Celia. She reminded me of plenty of other urban fantasy female main characters, with the same sort of wit and attitude. Maybe it was the first person narration that bothered me - I'm not sure. Or it could've been the large cast of characters; by the end of the book I'd forgotten a few names, and had to look them up to remember who everyone was. Or it could've been the plot itself - I thought "Blood Song" dragged on a little too long. I don't regret reading the book, I just think it could've been a little better.

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