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This Heart of Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
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Jun 24, 2010

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bookshelves: adult-humor, adult-romance

Molly Somerville, sister of Phoebe formerly-Somerville (owner of the Chicago Stars), is a former heiress (she gave away all her money), the creator of a series of children's books, and has been hopelessly in love (she calls it a crush) with the quarterback of her sister's team for years.

One thing leads to another, and Molly and Kevin (aforementioned hunky quarterback) find themselves together, running a bed and breakfast and lakeside campground Kevin's family has dumped in his lap.

The plot itself could certainly be considered predictable, and to a point, it is. But what makes this book work is the author's delightful sense of humor. In one scene, a pickup softball game is played at the campground, with Molly's very tenderhearted neice as one of the team captains. She picks the elderly, the unathletic, and everyone else who was picked last in gym class to face the team formed by her brother - a team of professional athletes, coaches, and everyone else who can hit or throw. And then she and her misfit team con their way into winning. "Last Kids to be Chosen in Gym Class 3, Jocks 0." It's moments like that that made me laugh outloud and ultimately made this book worth it for me.

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