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1984 by George Orwell
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Jun 24, 2010

it was amazing
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Read from September 25 to 28, 2012

Pre-Review review:

While everyone under the sun seems to have read this when they were in high school, I just finally got around to it now. Sure, I've started it before and didn't finish, and I've seen the movie, but come on...I'm almost 40! I think part of me was reluctant, (view spoiler) and knowing the basic gist of it besides.

A proper review is coming...

RATING: 4.5 (Slight deduction from the full 5 stars for tediousness in the midsection when Orwell stayed on his soap for too long a stretch.)

Review Introduction

Since just about everyone has already read this or seen the movie or at least has heard of it enough to know the general story, I feel there's little point in giving my two cents on the book itself. What else could be said? Therefore I'll give you an encapsulation of the feelings I took away from it.


"Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not after you."

The world is 1984 all over again. It has always been and may always be. We humans can and could do anything we want, ANYTHING, so what do we do? We enslave one another. If there's one universal truth among all homo sapiens, it's that we all want happiness. Instead of working towards that goal, we beat it out of one another. I will no doubt go to my grave having lived under this irrational, tyrannical self-rule, still wondering why. Through the fruits of my own labor and personal struggle, I hope I'm able to squeeze enough sweetness from my time here to lie down the final time with a smile on my face.
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Dustin Sounds great, Jason!

I'm looking forward to your review.:)

Jason Koivu Dustin wrote: "Sounds great, Jason!

I'm looking forward to your review.:)"

Me too! I have no idea what I'm going to say...

Veeral No book has ever haunted me like this one did. Almost for a month after I read it. I would be going on my normal daily routine and suddenly a thought would creep up in my mind out of nowhere "Damn, they can control your thoughts too!"

This is my the favorite book. Number 1. No competition. But I have read it only once and I don't think I will read it again, ever.

Jason Koivu Veeral wrote: "...I have read it only once and I don't think I will read it again, ever..."

Same here. Some of my favorite books, movies, etc that I feel are brilliant works of genius, also tend to be things I'd never want to read again. I think it's because so many of them have a depressing element to them: the "hero" is a murderer or it's a sad ending or whatever.

message 5: by Tatuu (new) - added it

Tatuu I hope to read it in 2013.

Orville Kennedy slight difference from my reciew

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