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All three books by Jaclyn Moriarty that I have read until now were a good mixture of a lot of fun and humor (often kindled by the changing perspectives), good, good writing (Mrs. Moriarty really makes me believe different persons must have composed the different points of view instead of just her), close observation and some tragedy. In Amelia the tragedy ingredient came in larger portions into the mix. I would label the book as "sad but not hopeless". Also a lot of mystery was stirred in, since, as the title "The Ghosts of Ashbury High" suggests, we have been dealt a ghost-themed story.

I truely liked the book and its messages and its way of tying up all lose ends (even that of Toby's father and Toby's relationship to his mother - I was contented) and I was looking forward to picking up the book again each day after work, but I have to admit I liked The Year Of Secret Assignments and Feeling Sorry for Celia more. Both I plan to reread in the distant - or even nearer - future - if only to enjoy some of those hyperhilarious letters pinned to the fridge or the strange conversations Lydia had with that creative-writing-tutorial-notebook. As "Amelia" is concerned, I believe reading once is sufficient for me - withougt implying I had anything but a swell time with this story. Maybe part of the feeling derives from the fact that all mysteries are now revealed to me and finding out about them has been half the thrill. I don't know.
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Jaclyn Moriarty
“The Irish people didn't get on that well with each other either. They hated the Catholics, was the main issue, as I see. You can't blame them for that. If I understand correctly, Catholics do not believe in contraception. So, you know, sex is not relaxing.”
Jaclyn Moriarty, The Ghosts of Ashbury High

Jaclyn Moriarty
“Her skin is pale as watermelon sucked free of its juices.”
Jaclyn Moriarty, The Ghosts of Ashbury High

Jaclyn Moriarty
“I love her bare legs from a distance. When she's standing by a pool. When she's facing the water, thinking. Her legs are white as watermelon rind, veined blue from cold. There's that 'H' shape behind her knees. The H trembles softly with the swimming-water cold.”
Jaclyn Moriarty, The Ghosts of Ashbury High

Jaclyn Moriarty
“Emily said ... Well, I read that it's important to sleep. While you sleep, the hippopotamus in your brain replays things that happend during the day, e.g. what you studied. So therefore it remembers it for you.”
Jaclyn Moriarty, The Ghosts of Ashbury High

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6.06% "I am already thoroughly entertained. Mrs. Moriarty, you write so well."
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10.38% "Huh. Quite eerie, but also a little less attention-grabbing than Crazie Cassie and Sorry for Celia.On some pages I had the impulse to urge the story on: Go, go, go. I hope I'll grow more engrossed."
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33.74% "Toby and his dad start to grow on me. But Emily is really annoying (it fits the personality she represented in Crazy Cassie, though.). Lydia is as cool as ever."
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50.17% "Huh. Riley's POV is completely different from what I thought. Emily de-friend Astrid at once, please. At once!"
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oliviasbooks As I understood it is a follow-up to A Year of Secret Assignments (or Finding Crazy Cassie).

Teccc @Olivia: I've put it on my TT shelf for you.

I'm not sure if the book deserves 3,5 or 4 stars. Some parts were really great but other parts were just soooo frustrating... And in my opinion the publisher should have shortened the story for at least 150 pages – maybe even more...

oliviasbooks Snagged it, thank you!!!!

oliviasbooks Janina, do you want it? Since it's pretty volumous and both Teccc and I have read it, the spine has already suffered.

Janina Oh yes, thank you. Where do you want to swap? TT or MBDB?

message 6: by oliviasbooks (last edited Oct 22, 2010 12:41PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

oliviasbooks Up to you. I have credit for three more tickets at TTs before I close shop, but MBDB is equally okay. I'll add Ascension on loan.

message 7: by Nic (new) - rated it 4 stars

Nic Good review Olivia. I have only read Feeling Sorry for Celia. I think I am going to have try The Secret Year of Assignments and this one :)

message 8: by Arlene (new)

Arlene Good review! I'm adding this to my endless TBR.

message 9: by ~Tina~ (new)

~Tina~ I actually read the first chapter of this at my lib but never ended up getting it. Great review!

message 10: by Janina (last edited Oct 23, 2010 03:18AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Janina Thank you, Olivia. I'd prefer TTs then. Still have money for five swaps.

oliviasbooks It's up!

oliviasbooks Nic wrote: "Good review Olivia. I have only read Feeling Sorry for Celia. I think I am going to have try The Secret Year of Assignments and this one :)"

Chronologically "Bindy Mackenzie" happens before Amelia, but I will read that later, too.

oliviasbooks Yes, Yasmin, I think you can.

message 14: by Jim (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jim From YAYeahYeah Great review! This was my favourite of JM's books but I think I probably agree that re-reading it might not be as good as re-reading YOSA, especially, still is.

oliviasbooks Thank you, Jim, and welcome at GR!

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