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Gossip Girl by Cecily von Ziegesar
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Dec 21, 2007

really liked it
Recommended for: Girls/Teens

The book Gossip Girl the first of the Gossip Girl series written by Cecily Von Ziegesar, was one of the best books i have ever read. The gossip girl series is already my favorite series, and ive only read the first book. The most important characters in the series so far are Blair, who is a down to earth teen, who loves to party and has a skater boyfriend. Blair's boyfriend's name is Nate. He is into drugs and he isnt the best in school, but blair still loves him. The book goes on about the peaks and downfalls of their relationship, and all the drama between them. Serena is a young girl who made lots of bad choices, she went to boarding school, and got kicked out because of some of her mistakes. Serena and Blair used to be best friends before Serena went off to boarding school, but ever since she came back, nothing has been the same. Serena came back expecting to come back to what she had left off, but she came across that she was totally wrong. Blair had heard things about what she did a boarding school and she wasnt interested in being friends with her anymore. Serena finally got the hint and moved on, trying to find some friends on her own. This was tough for Serena, she was known as the prettiest, richest, and smartest girl in her single-sex private school, Constance Billard, in New Yorks Upper East Side, but still couldnt seem to find a friend.

The main idea of the book basically goes on about their senior year of highschool and all the drama that comes with it. All the highschool parties have its own drama that gets so majorly interesting. Serena finally finds someone when she tries out for a part in a movie a girl in her grade was doing. His name was Dan. Dan was smart, funny, and charming. It was love at first sight. Serena and Dan went on dates and hung out together frequently after they met, Serena had never known Dan but Dan remembered her from before she left, he has had a crush on her since middle school. Serena really liked Dan and they continue to like eachother throughout the rest of the book.

Blair and Nate are having problems a lot towards the end of the book. They get in fights, they scream at eachother, then the next day they are fine and cuddiling together, and then something comes up. Its a big something! Nate tells Blair something big, Blair gets so mad she couldnt see straight. What could it be, what did Nate confess to Blair? Do Blair and Nate stay together?

Read gossip girl and your bound to find out!!!
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message 1: by Ms.Whitehead (new)

Ms.Whitehead Sounds like a fun read! Nice plot overview, Niki.

Niki thanks girlfriend. haha whats my grade on that review?

message 3: by Ms.Whitehead (new)

Ms.Whitehead It's all about the grade, isn't it? :) You got a B, only because I wanted more in the way of a critique and more specific references to literary terms. Next time, focus on those two areas and you'll do very well.

message 4: by Aditi (new)

Aditi o.O Blair is ANYTHING but down to earth! And Nate isn't a skater; he's a dopehead, for the most part.

Sonya Blair? Down to earth? Did we read the smae book?

Amber If this is the best book you've ever read please, for the love of god, go read something with actual talent and merit. Dear god, if you want romantic YA lit, read Maureen Johnson! If you want prep school drama written with a modicum more talent, read Nancy Holder's Possessions.

Isidora Blair is nice and down to earth? What? I don't mean to sound rude, but come on.

message 8: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Niki.... please broaden your horizons. I'm sure you think it's good because you can relate to it. But expand to other award winning books. Books that are profound for their unconventional themes. At least get into dystopians..

Elena hahaha is this for real?! "Blair is a down to earth girl" ?? Blair seems to be a scheming, mean, spoiled, self centered, rich bitch... She hears GOSSIP about her BEST friend Serena (whom she admits she was always jealous of) and then goes on to sneakily exclude her from all the "social events" and cut her out from her life completely. Down to earth??? "Kate Spade is the only purse brand she will ever consider" >> that's down-to-earth?? Wow....

message 10: by Niki (new) - rated it 4 stars

Niki Hey all, I wrote this my freshman year in high school as a school assignment at age 14. I see where you are all coming from and it is funny looking back at this six years later and completely disagreeing with what I felt before. I was young and did not read much else than books like this so give me a break here!

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