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Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor
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Sometimes books just come out and surprise you and you can’t help but fall in love with it. And not just the twists the story might take, but a dawning realization on your part of how something might fit in the story, or you find that you just love this character, and their stalwartness in doing what needs to be done, or what may have started out mediocre suddenly became amazing. Well, Daughter of Smoke and Bone did this to me. It surprised me. And not specifically the twist that Taylor threw us, but just the way it was done, and seeing the loose ends come together in an intricate, beautiful, wondrous way.

The first two thirds of the book didn’t wow me. I loved it, with its beautiful writing and story, and characters that were so real, but I wasn’t seeing the stunning brilliance that everyone seemed to have been hit with when they read the book. But then, THEN, Taylor spins the world upside down, and you see a whole new side to Karou and this angel, one full of hope, and love, and wonder. And I couldn’t put the book down. It sucked me right in and held fast until I closed the book with a smile, and thinking, how did she do it? Because seriously, how do authors do this? How do they write such incredible stories with fantastic worlds and characters and every single flipping little detail attended to? It’s just mindboggling. I could only dream to be half so brilliant.

So, the writing. Mmm, it is luscious, isn’t it? It’s beautiful, and just draws you immediately into the story. It flows so seamlessly, and paints vivid pictures in front of you. And the characters were all superb. So much emotion and hope filled their lives, breathing life onto the pages. Karou especially was one strong girl who would do anything, ANYTHING, to save the ones she loves. And the romance was beautiful. I loved Akiva, that he put up a strong, cold front, yet inside he was hurting, and it was only time before that dam would break. Seeing their love come to pass, blooming into something truly precious and wonderful, it gave me a feeling of contentment and hope. Hope that there could be a better world, where hate and prejudices don’t exist, and where love is everything, and appearances and pasts don’t matter. Hope is the primary building block of this story, it creates the characters, it calls to you, and it makes you invested in the story.

The world building was amazing, especially once we set foot into the world of the demons. It is a strange and beautiful place. The demons characteristics intrigued me. I would love to be able to actually see them, and not just the pictures I got in my head. My favorite part was the masquerade. It was just so wild and interesting with the strange creatures and dancing and masks. Gosh, I wanted to be there, witnessing this event, taking place in it, dancing the endlessly moving wild dance of the demons, continually switching partners, flying, twirling. And with Taylor’s wonderful writing, I did feel like I was there, in spirit at least.

This book was just so incredible. It has everything you could want in a book. It will suck you in until you’re completely invested in the story and the characters’ lives, and will leave you wanting more, yet still being satisfied in how the story ended. This book deserves all the praise and love. Laini Taylor deserves to be honored and loved. Fear and tremble before her, for here is an author with a cunning ability to weave a stunning story that will take you completely captive; but a captivity that you will not want to escape.
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Erica (daydreamer) Yeah, it will probably be a really good novel, I just wish the cover could live up to it.

And I haven't read Lips Touch: Three Times, but I intend to soon!

Cindy are you loving it? how far along are you? I am glad you are reading it too, we can chat about it:)

Cindy Sooooo what do you think? Anxiously waiting?*_*

Cindy glad to see you loved it too! It was soooo amazing:)

Erica (daydreamer) I'll try to come up with a review soon :)

Cindy looking forward to it!:)

Cindy great review! I loved the masquerade too, sounds like fun:)

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