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Julie and Julia by Julie Powell
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Dec 21, 2007

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Recommended for: people who truly love food and no one else

I think there's an unfortunate trend that people follow these days, particularly women, to verbally criticize themselves in a hyper self-aware manner, as if recounting all of their faults (real or imagined)will not only amuse the listener, but prove that they are stoic-even good humored-about being the biggest, fattest, ugliest, ding battiest failures to ever grace the earth.

"Doesn't he get it? Doesn't he understand that if I don't get through the whole book in a year then this whole thing will have been a waste, that I'm going to spiral into mediocrity and despair and probably wind up on the street trading blow jobs for crack or something? He hates me, anyway. Look at him, curled over on his side of the bed like he doesn't want to so much as touch me. It's because I've got the stink of failure on me. I'm doomed..."

Now I like a little self-deprecation every now and again, but this book is founded entirely on the author's insecurities, which are mostly unfounded. The books foundation is rocky to say the least. This is clearly a bright woman and obviously very few people think they are the most abhorrent human being alive or the mortality rate in our society would sky rocket, so why bother with all of the abuse? She doesn't need it-her prose are clever and deliberate, and all of this "I hate myself" crap really clouds what she is trying to say.

Perhaps it's because she based this book on her blog, which REALLY lends itself to this kind of meta humor, but I'm sooooo sick of it. Go read about fistula in Africa and then tell me how depressed you are because you're making your own life miserable. Bah!
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Ruth Amen!

Rachel Wagner Very interesting review. I agree. It seems like so many of the women I know are unwilling to take any satisfcation in their accomplishments. Instead of saying "wow, I just cooked this yummy meal" or "I just finished a big project at work" they say "I should have cooked the chicken less" or "I wish I had done more editing on the project...". You get the idea. Why do we do this?
I understand that nobody likes a self-centered individual but that doesn't mean we have to devalue everything we accomplish in life.
Anyway- thanks for the review.

message 3: by Johanna (last edited Oct 28, 2009 12:33AM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Johanna Yes! Exactly. I trace the whole pseudo self-deprecating thing to Anne Beattie. I don't get why it's so popular.

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