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Dancing With A Cowboy by Sandi K. Whipple
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it was amazing

“Dancing with a Cowboy” review
Sandi Whipple

Lucy Baumgardner had worked very hard for her partnership in her father’s law firm. She felt that she had to prove that she was good enough so she worked many, many nights and most Saturdays. Her father Gerald appreciated his daughter but felt that she was missing out on a lot and in fact was working really hard to kill herself with work.

On her current case her father gave her another ultimatum that she would indeed take 2 weeks off at the expense of the law firm if she won. Arriving back at the office after winning Lucy tried to enter her office to no avail. Fuming she confronted her father, he handed her an envelope with all the details of her forced hiatus, rather than vacation. Reaching into the envelope she pulled out the tickets and a brochure. On the top it read: Retreat. Get away from it all. She barely saw the rest, keeping the ticket and itinerary and dropped the rest on the floor. She was speechless, but she realized that he was going to force the issue. Looking up she said, “Well, I suppose I have no other choice. I will have to just force myself to deal with two weeks of being pampered.” Leaving the room she told her father that she would never forgive him. As she left, she heard him say, yes you will. Let’s just say that Lucy should have taken the time to read the rest of the paperwork as this would be a vacation of a life time.

What did I like? Having a background in ranching, I’m very familiar with the life, the work that goes on without the luxury of holidays or weekends off. It’s hard but a very enriching life style for those who can stick it out. Loving the animals and even taking pride in the work accomplished. Knowing your roots go back for 100’s of years working the soil and animals. This book touches on those values that have been sorely missed in this day in time. The characters were so loveable with touches of vulnerability that make them real. I loved the dialog, especially the one about the orchestra and the one about "This must be where God sleeps". The story line is developed in so many ways that it touched my heart.

What did I dislike? In the book nothing, but in real life the type of people that think that they can just use the system and get what they want without the value of hard work. It’s sad to think that these people cannot understand what it means to appreciate the beauty of the land and the offerings that it will give you if you just apply yourself to it. Of course, that not only applies to this type of living but all in general.

What will you like? First and foremost a book that will capture your heart. A story line that has been thoroughly been researched down to the smallest details. The descriptions of the land and buildings will come alive in your mind along with the characters. A very real experience in living the life of a rancher and in the most vivid way, a very romantic love story that will remain in your mind for a very long time. And last but certainly not least another book that will be added to your “To Be Read” list, to be read over and over again. Our country was built on these values spoken of in this book and if you want to remind yourself what they were just pick up this book and read. It will jump out to you on every page. Happy reading, I know I did!
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