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Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
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Okay, I am now completely hooked to this series. The first book was a strong example of romantic fiction, the second was a look at loss and friendship, and this one is better than both of them combined! I enjoyed how the author explores the concepts and definitions of love through the awesome vampire-human-werewolf love triangle. Plus, this book was much more action oriented--it read like a movie and kept my attention until the very last page. I can't wait to see what will happen in the handful of storylines that were left open for the 4th book.

Also, I finally got my wish to see another perspective, the final chapter is written from Jacob's point of view! I love Jacob's character and how Meyer incorporates his Native American heritage into the story line. Even though I like Edward, I found myself rooting for Jacob throughout the book. And I laughed out loud when Jacob and Edward "fight dirty."

I am starting to appreciate Bella's character more too. She only faints once in this book and is learning how to take care of herself, instead of letting the men in her life look out for her. I also appreciated getting Rosalie and Jasper's back story and hope we learn Emmet's story soon.

This third book makes the series live up to its hype and is highly recommended.
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Evan Yeh..what you said. This one was my favorite. I was so happy to be reading it. I lOVE Jacob so much..and couldn't place why I didn't like Edward or Edward and Bella, until Jacob said, he's like a drug, you can't live without him, but I would've been healthier for you. I would've been like the air and the sun. Plus Jacob and Bella are always joking around and even when there fighting they'd rather smile and Bella and Edward as actually portrayed up until this point just argued and truced and kissed and stopped before stuff would happen.

J-Lynn Exactly! Jacob is so much better for her. I think the series ends at this book for me. I don't like the 4th.

Evan J-Lynn wrote: "Exactly! Jacob is so much better for her. I think the series ends at this book for me. I don't like the 4th."

How are they even going to film the fourth?! It's too bizarre. It is really not at all a book for Young Adults and who would be the movie audience.

J-Lynn Not me--I think I OD'd on the first movie

Evan I've actually been listening to it for the past few hours while getting rid of stuff in my room/organizing. Same thing yesterday while I was doing other stuff it was in the background. I got the soundtrack and the score and listened to the soundtrack today. I have the movie memorized and am well aware of it's many flaws..The cinematography,the music are just so great and the costumes/wardrobe. And of course I like all the actors. Not necessarily the acting..

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