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To Catch a Killer by Kimberly Van Meter
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An FBI agent returns to her home town after ten years, working on a child-kidnapping case. To provide the needed tension is the local chief of police, her ex-fiancé’s best friend, the man she shared a night of passion before she left town…But their shared past isn’t the only obstacle on her course, because the case is about to get even more personal.

I absolutely hate stories in which the heroine keeps the hero’s child a secret. And this story not only had that angle, but also a very annoying, bitchy, emotional-cripple of a heroine that hurt people around her just by opening her mouth.

Otherwise the story was very gripping, intense, and suspenseful – almost a thriller with the author revealing the villain only when she wanted and said villain could not be spotted early on. Good job, but I just couldn’t get over the heroine. 2 ½ stars
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Mojca Well, in this one it wasn't the fact she found him unfit for a father. She was just...I don't know, she had issues, I guess. The reasons for keeping his daughter a secret sounded lame even to her.

Kimberly Van Meter I love secret baby plots but it's hard to make it believable in this day and age. For Kara, she was ashamed of her secret but, in her defense, she really felt she was making the right choice for everyone involved. Doesn't make it right, but we all make decisions that seem good at the time but don't always turn out the best in the end. :-)

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