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Return to Paradise by Simone Elkeles
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Jun 15, 2010

it was amazing
bookshelves: young-adult, ebook, read-in-2010, contemporary

I loved this as much as the first book, but I'll admit there was some frowning when I found out Maggie and Caleb were in the same group (convenient much?)

I love this couple, they are so sweet and cute together and it almost makes my heart bleed. I want what they have, screw the cheesiness of the entire thing.

Oh and Simone: Please, never stop writing books. You never let me down.
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70.0% "Yum, Caleb, gimme some."
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message 1: by Kim (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kim I got this today, I can't wait <3

~Tina~ Got this too;) I'll have to start this one soon.

message 3: by Kim (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kim *flails*

We are made of awesome!

Arlene I checked the shipping for my book. It's at home!! Waiting for me at my doorstep!!! Gah!!

message 5: by Morgan (new)

Morgan F Kim, do you ever accidentally (or intentionally, for that matter) punch people in the face while flailing? Just so I know.

message 6: by Kim (last edited Sep 03, 2010 01:57PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kim Yay, Arlene! I love it when I have deliveries waiting for me when I get home ^^

Morgan yes, I do, but (thank god) not frequently. I don't tend to flail much when I'm in public. Unless somebody tickles me, then I turn into The Hulk.

And you don't want to know how many mugs/decoration crap/pieces of furniture I've killed while I was practicing my Mortal Kombat moves when I was a kid. (I'm really into fighting games, I love MK and Tekken ♥)

It's a surprise I've made it this far, now that I think about it. I had a rough year when I was 16. Fell off a horse, lost almost all the skin on my left arm, got a lovely imprint of a hoof on my leg, that is, until this day, still numb.

Then I fell off a bike on the first week of summer vacation, broke my jaw and spend the next two months eating through a straw.

Oh, and I'm sorry about the novel I seem to be writing here, but it's been a very stressful day and it's nice to actually talk to people in a normal way, and not yell at them, or make rude gestures at them when they have their backs turned.

message 7: by Morgan (last edited Sep 03, 2010 02:03PM) (new)

Morgan F It's no trouble at all.

Ouch. One reason why I dont trust horses and I dont ride bikes.

I've never been injured much.

When I was three, I cracked my head open on a table, and when I was eleven I flipped will riding a scooter and ripped open my knee cap.

But given my clumsiness, thats not much at all.

Arlene Wow! That's quite the list of accidents! I have never "broken" a bone in my life. I did sprain my wrist in the most stupidest accident ever.

I was walking out of the MIL's house and I was joking around with the hubby, I turned around to give him a smack on the arse (I'm not even a hitter! Promise!) landed it quite nicely, turned around with a stupid smug look on my face, missed a step and went tumbling down the steps that would make a stunt man envious. It was the first day of my two week vacay and there was the hubby taking me to urgent care to get fitted for a flex cast cuz aparrently I landed wrong.

So no Mortal Kombat for me. Those moves are not made for clumsy girls. Oh and it was actually quite annoying seeing the hubby concerned but at the same time say, "see that's what you get for trying to hit me." Really??!!


Kim, I hope your day gets better. :)

message 9: by Kim (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kim O_O you cracked your head open? Please tell me you are making it sound much much worse than it really was.

Are you a clumsy person, then?

Arlene Yay Morgan!! Clumsy girls unite!!

message 11: by Morgan (new)

Morgan F Woot!

It was my dad's fault actually. He was given me a piggy back ride when he dropped me on the bed. I bounced of the bed and my head hit a table. It wasn't too bad. It's my first concrete memory actually.

Arlene Oh no!! *cringes at the image*

It's my first concrete memory actually.

message 13: by Morgan (new)

Morgan F Three was a bad age for me. I had like, a billion surgeries on my mouth that year. My mouth had issues. Too many teeth and not enough mouth.

Arlene Is your mouth okay now?

I wore braces for over 3 years because I never wanted to go to my ortho appointments. I was shocked when the dentist finally said he was removing my braces. I still have dreams that I have my braces, the dentist is not longer there and I can't find someone to remove my braces, so I try to take them off myself. I've had that dream a few times. Serves me right I guess.

message 15: by Morgan (last edited Sep 03, 2010 02:31PM) (new)

Morgan F I have perfect teeth now. After years of getting teeth pulled, spacers, wires everywhere, caps, fillings, braces for three years, it's all good. My dentist is proud.

I hate metal in my mouth more than anything, though. I think I've been traumatized.

Arlene Oh! That explains you don't eat with metal utensils. Got it!

message 17: by Morgan (new)

Morgan F You remembered. :)

Arlene Yes, my brain stores random thoughts, musing, facts, and words to songs... Like Hey Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind HEY MICKEY!


message 19: by Morgan (new)

Morgan F One time my dad dressed up as a cheerleader and he sang the words as Hey RICKY! It was for an event, though. He doesn't dress up as a cheerleader on a regular basis, just to be clear.

It was still frightening however.

message 20: by Nic (last edited Sep 03, 2010 03:00PM) (new)

Nic LOL Morgan. You Dad is funny.

Ouch to all of you! Your stories are making me cringe.

Kim I not a big fan of bikes. I got my foot stuck in the wheel while my sister was doubling me when I was really little and she wouldn't stop and I lost all the skin and did a bit of damage on side and had to go to hospital everyday for a couple of months.

Arlene LOL Morgan! I would be scarred with that image. hahahaha

Ouch Nic!

~Tina~ I broke my arm when I was 8 years old. The bone popped out of my skin so it looked like a chicken wing. No lie. I never did look at it though since I didn't really feel any pain and everyone kept screaming at me not to look at it so I just never did. 6 weeks with a cast and I got a big stuffed animal of my little pony. Good times;)

BTW, that song will be stuck in my head all night and morning now Arlene! HEY MICKEY!

Arlene BTW, that song will be stuck in my head all night and morning now Arlene! HEY MICKEY!

But... but... I.... it wasn't me that started it!!!!


~Tina~ ~scrolls up to check~ Yes it was women!! Don't confuse me, I'm sleepy.

Hey Mickey your so fine, your so fine you blow my mind HEY MICKEY!

Arlene Morgan, wanna help me out here???


message 26: by Morgan (new)

Morgan F I was singing Hey Nikki. A totally different song.

~Tina~ All I know is that song is stuck in my head all night and now this morning. I don't know why but the song is like glue for my brain.

Off to work, have a good day guys!

oliviasbooks Oh, goody, Kim. I was a bit afraid to read this one, because I hate it when a sequel spoils a good beginning for me. Now I DO want to read it...

message 29: by Kim (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kim I'll admit the setting of the story is quite 'easy', but I understand Caleb and Maggie need a reason to be forced to be close to each other.

I liked it a lot Olivia, it's sweet and pretty hot ^^

message 30: by Nic (new)

Nic I really need to read this two :)

~Tina~ Awesome review. I heart them as well:)

Milly Sweet and to the point! Love it!

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