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Chasing Temptation by Joya Ryan
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really liked it


“Time for Operation: Orgasm to commence.”


"Chasing Temptation" is book 2 in “Chasing Love” series by Joya Ryan.

Tired of her good girl reputation, Penny wants to be a sex goddess, she wants to understand what it meant to be passionate. She’s not very experimented, but she wants to be and she wants to try new things. She wants to try everything with Sebastian (Bass), the man she had a secret crush on for years, especially since she knows he’s the perfect man to teach her one thing, or two.

“What could a man like him do to her?
She wanted to find out. Might die if she didn’t.”

Bass tried for more than six months to forget Penny. He knows she’s a good girl, too good for him and he also knows she’s his best friend’s younger sister. Like any other man, Bass loves women, loves sex, but his tastes are a little rougher and not for the timid, inexperienced, vanilla girls like Penny. Bass doesn’t do commitment or long term relationships, because he doesn't want to get attached. He thinks love is not for him.


After some arguing, they finally agree to spend two weeks together, no strings attached.

Bass is a god and yeah, like he promised, he teach Penny how to be more passionate, satisfying her in every way...

Tell me," he said, delivering kisses on her thigh as he continued to get closer to the spot that was dampening by the second.
"Have you ever been eaten?"
"I'm the first." It wasn't a question, rather a statement."
"Then I should warn you... I'm not going to eat you, I'm going to devour you.

and of course Penny is more than happy...

“You’re not the good girl everyone thinks you are.”
“Yes, I am,” she said, her heavy eyes looking over at him again. “I’m only a bad girl with you.”


Everything changes when feelings are involved, but Bass thinks love is not for him, especially since he saw what that can destroy you.

"Chasing Temptation" was a great read - sexy, steamy, hot! The storyline was entertaining and the characters lovable. Bass was so yummy! A sexy, dirty talker, he’s fantastic and not only in bed. In bed he definitely knows what he’s doing. Possessive and controlling he’s just what Penny needs. I loved seeing him connecting so well with Penny and I enjoyed his jealous side. Penny was great too. I liked the fact that she’s a woman who knows what she wants and needs. She is strong ans she's willing to fight for Bass.

Their chemistry is sizzling hot, palpable, real and the sex passionate and just amazing!

Once again, the side characters are great and I really liked their friendship and how they interact with each other.

Can’t wait to read more about the others characters!

“You feel so good,” he rasped. “You feel like everything.”(…) She was his everything. Everything good he’d never had. Everything he didn’t understand. Just everything.

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