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Sep 29, 2014

(Review from the author)

The Blind
Book #3 of The Apostles Series
Evie and Jack's Story

The Story Behind the Story -- The Blind

While I was drafting The Blind, I joked around that this book should come with a warning label, something like...WARNING: Strong Woman Ahead!

Consider yourself warned.

The Blind, another stand-alone romantic thriller in my Apostles Series, belongs wholeheartedly and unabashedly to Special Agent Evie Jimenez, the fiery bombs and weapons specialist for Parker Lord's elite FBI team, the Apostles. The tomboy little sister to my hunky Apostles, she's strong, confident, and fearless. After all, this woman diffuses bombs for a living.

She's also very special to me because she burst into my life when I needed a serious shot of Girl Power.

When I first started drafting Evie's story, I was dealing with two big changes in my personal life. My middle daughter was getting ready to take off for college, and my oldest daughter was getting ready to take off on a five-month trip around the world, a world that can be brutally unkind and full of dark-hearted souls. My suspense-writer brain had a field day with frightening scenarios! I comforted my aching mommy-heart with the knowledge that my daughters are smart, strong, confident, and armed with tools to combat the evils of this world.

And THAT, dear readers, is Special Agent Evie Jimenez. In hindsight, I genuinely think I poured everything into Evie that I wanted in my girls as they spread their wings. Evie is the essence of Girl Power.

I knew such a strong woman was destined for a powerful love story with a man strong enough and confident enough in himself and his place in the world to not only accept but celebrate Evie's strength and power.

Enter hunky billionaire philanthropist and art collector Jack Elliott.

I'm not going to lie, getting Jack page time was difficult because Evie was so present in my head and heart. My editor and I went through THREE significant revisions before Jack finally took shape and found his voice, but when he did, he stole my heart.

Jack is pure alpha: wildly successful, confident and controlling, and secreting a wound from his past. Jack is also a great lover of beauty and a collector of priceless works of fine art, which are tied to Evie's latest investigation.

In The Blind, Evie and Jack team up in the eclectic Downtown Los Angeles Arts District to catch a serial bomber who uses bombs and live models to create masterful art that lives and breathes...and with the flip of a switch, dies. Yep, another dark and twisty villain with a chilling back story and fiery passions.

I can't wait for you to meet Evie, Jack, and the Angel Bomber. Another warning: Sparks fly and things get explosive.

One last Behind the Story note. Evie and Jack's story was initially titled The Burned, but I felt it was too similar to Apostles Book #2, The Buried, so I changed the title to The Blind. Soon after, an unexpected but familiar character barged his way into the story--Smokey Joe, my cantankerous, blind Vietnam Vet who first appeared in Apostle Book #1, The Broken.

I won't spill any spoilers about Smokey's role in Evie and Jack's story, but I will share that of the hundreds of scenes I've written, the final scene with Smokey Joe will go down as one of my all-time favorites.

Joy & Peace!

Shelley Coriell
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